Panaeolus bisporus

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Panaeolus (Copelandia) bisporus Spores

There are several similar species of Copelandia, most differing from each other only microscopically.

Panaeolus bisporus, also known as Copelandia bisporus is a rare and widely distributed little brown mushroom that bruises blue and drops black spores. 

This mushroom is similiar to other Panaeolus mushrooms macroscopically, but can be differeniated using a microscope by it's two spored basidia.

Cap: 1.5-3.5 (4) cm broad. Hmispherical to campanulate to convex at maturity. Margin initially translucent when moist. Incurved in young specimens. Light brown in color becoming pallid gray to whitish with cap cracking in age. Bruising blue when handled.

Stem: (65) 85-115 mm long by 1.5-3 mm thick. Equal to bulbous at the base with fine fibrillose flecks, partial veil absent. Bluing intensely when damaged from human handling.

Habitat: Growing scattered to gregarious in manure heaps in the tropics and neotropics of both hemispheres.

Distribution: In dung in fields and pastures in Hawaii, Southern California, North Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

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