Portobello (Agaricus "portobello")

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Cultivation Level :  -  Easy
Substrates :  -  Straw/Manure/Compost
Temps : Colonizing/Fruiting  -  70-80/55-65

  The Portobello is a brown version of the common white button mushroom common to you local grocery store. When these fruits are small with unopend caps they are called Crimini. As the fruits mature, grow in size and the caps open, they are recognized as the tasty portobellos which go great on any Barbeque. Definitely one of my personal favorites.

The Gourmet category features high quality, live, liquid culture suspensions (not spores), in 10 ml. luer-lok syringes. Syringes are shipped capped with a separate sterile 16g syringe needle, and can be stored for several months in a cool location.

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