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Myco Willy

Jason on 3/13/2018 @ 6:10pm

   Check out Willy Myco's youtube channel for all kinds of good info and how to videos.  Teks, tips, advice, reviews and all think mycology.

   Also his new video channel on Patreon for all his newest videos


   Check him on instagram

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Customer Service

Jason on 3/13/2018 @ 4:44pm

    For the fastest response please email or dm us on instagram @lilshopofspores

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Mushroom News: Can mushrooms prevent aging

Jason on 2/20/2018 @ 8:26pm

  Interesting article on aging and antioxidants found in some edible mushrooms....

Mushrooms may contain unusually high amounts of two antioxidants that some scientists suggest could help fight aging and bolster health, according to a team of researchers.

Read full article

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Do Mushrooms Help Depression??

Jason on 12/13/2016 @ 8:29pm

   Kind of interesting....

Magic mushrooms lift severe depression in trial

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New Psilocybe cubensis Strains in Stock!!

Jason on 12/10/2016 @ 1:19pm

    We have added a few new strains to our Psilocybe cubensis collection lately.....some great new genetics for any spore enthusiest.  Check em out!

Psilocybe cubensis PE6 (Penis Envy)

Psilocybe cubensis Syzygy

Psilocybe cubensis Thailand Elephant Dung

Psilocybe cubensis Martinique

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Free Spores Give-away!!

Jason on 9/22/2016 @ 9:50pm

Lil' Shop is currently running 2 free spore give-aways at 2 diffent forum.  Check them out, enter in both and double your chances to win!!

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The Making of a Spore Syringe

Jason on 9/7/2016 @ 9:13pm

Here at Lil' Shop we are very picky when it comes to the spore prints we use to make our high quality spore syringes.  Dark spores syringes require dark spore prints and these Peru cubensis prints are a great example.

Psilocybe cubensis spore prints ready to make syringes

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Lil' Shop of Spores is on Facebook!

Jason on 8/23/2016 @ 4:00pm

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Check Out Lil' Shop of Spores on Instagram

Jason on 8/23/2016 @ 3:56pm

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Fresh Dark Golden Teacher Spore Syringes

Jason on 8/22/2016 @ 2:26pm

Super fresh and dark Golden Teacher spore syringes in stock!!

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