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FloCube products are designed specifically for use in mushroom cultivation. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial grower, FloCube products will be a game changer for your operation and your research. FloCube products are made with better quality materials and superior build quality compared to most units available on the market worldwide with a price point that makes sense.

Save time, increase efficiency, contaminate free sterile work environment, contamination free cultivation.

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Mushroom Cultivation : Equipment

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Electric Sterilizer-50X  1950

Electric Sterilizer-50X In Stock
Electric Sterilizer-75X  1975

Electric Sterilizer-75X In Stock
Sterilizer-1915X  1915

Sterilizer-1915X In Stock
Sterilizer-1925X  1925

Sterilizer-1925X In Stock
Sterilizer-1941X  1941

Sterilizer-1941X In Stock

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