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Lil' Shop of Spores Customer Reviews Legacy Page

Lil' Shop of Spores has been around a long time and we have collected a lot of customer reviews over the years. This page is dedicated to our reviews from way back. For our most recent reviews, please check out our product pages for customer reviews on each individual product. We would love to hear from you and we appreciate your feedback!
Thank you very much the service was perfect, and the specimens look beautiful 2/28/18
Spores arrived, looks great under the scope! Thanks for the extra syringe! 2/25/18
Very quick delivery I was amazed. I thought I would have to wait a while, spore syringe arrived in 5 days. Thank you LSOS will be buying from you guys again real soon 2/12
I sent one of these in before but I would like to revise it. I like to say that Tia was very helpful and sent my stuff out right away and I received it in a timely fashion. Thank you
lil shop of spores is the best spore shop in the us.good ship.great comtomer service.thanks tia 2/9/18
Your mycology samples have far surpassed my expectations. My experience with other sport companies that they sell very weak spores. And you have a very timely delivery system which I appreciate. Keep up the good work 2/7/18
Great shipping great product, will buy from again. 2/7/18
My experience with lil shop of spores has been great. I had an issue with USPS delivering my package, and when I spoke to Tia about it, she responded really quickly, and made the whole process to get my package very easy. I will recommend them to anyone that i know who's interested in buying spores. 1/25/18
Thanks Lil Shop of Spores! Fast shipping and professional product packaging. Looking forward to the final product. 1/17/18
I want to thank wach and every one of you at lil shop of spores. My experience with you has been more than exceptional. You have been very kind...courteous...and extremely professional and knowledgeable about your products. I truly and willingly will be placing all of my future needs with your company. Thank you again for this delughtful and most satisfy experience 1/16/18
Good clean spores fast shipping over all great experience will definitely be a returning customer !!!! 1/15/18
Good communication and quick shipping, product looked good plenty of visible spores 1/15/18
Have to say I'm so impressed with you guys. Speedy delivery...not to mention how extremely nice it was of you to add an extra syringe to my order as a gift. It was actually one that I wanted to study, and research. You guys rock at the Little Shop of Spores!!! Love the name of the business also. 1/12/18
Very satisfied, these spores show very impressive work. Best I've received 1/12/18
I had a positive experience. The package arrived discretely and proper padding/wrap was used so that there was no breakage. 1/10/18
Product as described, good shipping and no hassles! 1/9/18
Thanks for the awesome service. I am expecting good things from the spores. Never seen them clumped..if all goes good, I plan on continuing my research, with spores from...little shop of spores. 1/8/18
I so appreciated the fast and efficient delivery, EVEN during the holidays! And was thrilled to see an extra syringe! Thanks for a great 1st experience. 1/8/15
I've been buying from you guys for so long. I built my first flow hood from the plans you used to have on your site. You are only one of the two that I buy from. The rest have weeded themselves out by sending me contaminated syringes. So, I guess I've been buying from you guys for over 10 years. Never a problem. Thanks for the professional service. TBE 1/7/18
100%quality thank you 1/6/18
Very prompt,and efficient. Will definitely order from you again. 1/6/18
As always LSOS delivers quickly and professionally, even during the holidays!!12/31/17
I was and continue to be super pleased by your professional and quite excellent service! Great resource for budding mycophiles! Thank you 12/29/17
Business was great, good prices and a free syrynge. Will shop here again. 12/28/17
I ordered right before Christmas so I really wasn't expecting until after the Holidays. My order came in three days before shipment said it would. Thanks for the Christmas Gift. 1/27/17
A+ Everything took on quickly.. Plus a freebee worth a 1/3 my order... Much appreciated guy's! 12/26/17
This is the 2nd time I've done business with Lil' Shop of Spores, and both times it has been an excellent experience. They have a great selection and even sent me a 3rd syringe for free. They processed my order and shipped it and I got it in a few days. I will most certainly do business with LSoS again in the future! 12/12/17
I haven't received my package yet because the shipment was delayed. However, it's holiday time and the weather has been really harsh lately. So I completely understand if it takes the carrier longer to reach me. Other than that I have orderered from this website many times in the past and the product was always excellent. I know I'm in good hands when it comes to Lil Shop of Spores. Thank you! 12/12/17
Great specimen. Got here on time despite the holidays. Discreet shipping and billing. Will shop here again for sure. 1/10/17
Order came fast and the extra syringe was awesome. The sclerotia didn't have many visible spores but I think it will be legit. Overall I am so far satisfied with my order. Thank you 12/10/17
Received spore syringe great condition. Thank you for gift syringe as well! 12/9/17
No troubles here. Y'all do excellent work. 12/8/17
Thanks! I didn't know who to trust, I'm glad I picked you guys! 12/7/17
I ordered on the holiday weekend. That added a few days on to delivery but everything arrived. Including free syringe. Definitely do business again 12/5/17
Been a customer for many years now, your service and selection is excellent. 12/1/17
I love your products so much that I will be placing another order on came really fast and properly packed... Thanks 12/1/17
My order came on time and spores look good under my microscope. As soon as I unpackaged the syringe I could see a dense cluster of spores. 11/30/17
My entire experience with Lil' Shop of Spores was a complete success. Future business is guaranteed. 11/30/17
Very fast delivery, and I'm very happy with my purchase. 11/29/17
Excellent and prompt service. Order was exactly as expected and very well packaged. Will definitely be a returning customer! 11/26/17
My experience was good I really like the spores I received they look so cool under the scope I would really like to add the acadiana coast to my collection the next time 11/26/17
Arrived on time. Spores are beautiful. Thanks guys! 11/24/17
Great quality and easy way to buy on line 11/22/17
it was very pleasant. i found some highly prized spores, paid a reasonable sum, and they showed up promptly. thank you, i will be ordering again soon!! 11/22/17
Quick to mail me my spores and the spores are excellent quaility. Thank you LSOS. 11/22/17
well let me say this,its nice to finally get some active spores that are good,everything turned out just fine so thank you for being honest vendors. ill be doin my spore business here,i wish you could see my results its very mouth watering lol.. anyways thanks and keep up the good work ill be sure to give you a great review . peace!!! 11/11/17
This email is in response to my order and my experience with Lil Shop.
I have to say i am very pleased with ordering from you guys. Order came quickly and to my surprise there was an extra Costa syringe in there!!! You guys made my day! I told my friends about your excellent service! I will for sure be back soon to pick up some more and try out some of those specials you offer!
Thank you so much again it was a pleasure to buy from your company.
Keep up the awesome work!!! 11/10/17
Very good service. Prompt delivery and very good looking syringes. You can see millions of spores. 11/10/17
Awesome product!!! And fast shipping. I love it!! 11/9/17
Fast shipping! Great Product too, many visual spores and very sterile syringe. Thanks for the free gift too! Was so impressed I ordered a second time that same week, you wont be disappointed! 11/9/17
Very high quality syringes! Thanks for extra one too, really appreciate it! 11/8/17
Fast service, viable spores! I'm very happy I'll be doing all my future business with lil' shop of spores! All the other companies have let me down!! Thank you 11/6/17
Couldn't be more happy with the spores I received, this is the second time I ordered them here and the samples were amazing I could see the spore clusters, I will definitely be a repeat customer thank you!! 11/6/17
Came faster than expected great service 11/6/17
Prompt shipping and stellar quality. 11/5/17
Awesome service! Products arrived extremely fast and quality second to none. 11/3/17
I enjoy doing business with you. The shipment is always received in an expedient manner and an excellent product. Thank you. 11/2/17
My spore syringe arrived early, great quality. Definitely going to be coming back for more 11/2/17
Always great service! I have been using this company for three years and they deliver everytime! 11/2/17
Product came on time and just as orders.... will order again for sure 10/25/17
Couldn't believe the speed of delivery and ammount of visible spores in syringes. 10/24/17
Really quick delivery and simple, no nonsense ordering, fruits are looking good! The one thing I would change, is the needle to not be connected to the syringe and be placed separately in a sterile package and the syringe to be capped off with a rubber cap or something. 10/24/17
So far so good! Got my package extremely quick, and the product was great. The only criticism I have so far is availability. I attempted to purchase a couple of your sale packages, such as the four for forty and was unable to. Besides that you guys are great! 10/23/17
Excellent company, fast shipping. Will be a return customer 100% 10/21/17
I can say nothing negative about Lil Shop of Spores. I placed my order on the weekend and received it in about 5 days. They gave me a free spore syringe and substituted an item which was out of stock, rather than sending at a later date. It has only been 5 days since I inoculated my jars, but I already have growth in every one. This company is the BOMB! I recommend them to all. 10/19/17
I was very pleased with lil shop of spores they were fast and actually priced nice I will be counting on them for my next harvest no doubt 10/16/17
Very fast shipping and delivery, very discrete. Waiting on an order of slides now so I can study these. Can't wait! Thanks RVF! 10/13/17
Great online shop. Best one I've found so far. And I got an extra syringe with my purchase. You guys are the best!! 10/12/17
Very fast and professional! Very pleased with my spores!! They are viable and of good quality! Thanks! Will order from here again! 10/2/17
My order was delivered fast and in perfect condition! The extra syringe sent was a delight as well! 10/2/17
The spores we're perfect, and received them so quickly. I am so grateful for the free gift, what a fun surprise! I will be coming back for all my spore needs!! 10/2/17
Thank u guys/girls very much. I'm so happy I used your website for all my research needs. Thank u for the extra syringe. 10/1/17
Excellent product nice syringe full of speciments. You definitely get what you pay for with Lil' Shop of Spores. 5 stars 9/29/17
Woooooo 5 stars excellent as always 9/28/17
I was happy when I opened it to find the 3 syringes I ordered plus a bonus! Thank you. 9/26/17
Bought 2 got 3! Perfect recipe for a great experience in my book! Will be ordering again! 9/26/17
I ordered one fatass syringe and one PE6, and they sent me an extra B+ syringe for free, couldn't be happier! Great people to deal with, great spores! 9/25/17
Got my spore syringes on time, no issues at all. Thanks again for providing such a great service! You all are truly doing G*d's work! 9/21/17
Fast and accurate services. Highest Quality products 9/21/17
Gre at service quick delivery 2nd time customer and always a great experience. Never heard anything but good things that's why I chose lil shop 9/21/17
I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy spores. 10/10, I'm a satisfied customer. I appreciate the extra gift included in my order thanks LilShopofSpores 9/21/17
Excellent service fast shipping no hassle ordering all around amazing experience I'll be back again soon :) 9/18/17
Excellent so far. I like the service. Everything arrived promptly and it came with a free syringe. I am very satisfied, thank you! 9/12/17

I have received my package and everything looks good so far. I have yet to examine the spores under a microscope but intend to in the near future. 9/12/17

Took a bit longer than expected to initially hear back on my order. But after asking what's up? "Lil Shop Of Spores" 110% rectified the problem and order. Would order from them again. 9/1/17

Great service you provide. Thank you for the freebie! 8/29/17

Hi there. I wanted to take the time out to let you know I had an awesome first time buying experience with you guys. I'm getting ready to make another purchase because of my fantastic results so far.

Ordered about alil over a month ago.I bought b+ ,golden teacher ,and T.E.D.And recieved a free aa+ syringe.Couldnt be happier with your products! The b+ colonized super fast.The golden teachers were fully colonized just 2 days later! Colonizing the free syringe of aa+ that i was sent free with my order now,they seem to be colonizing alot slower than than the other "strains" i bought but i understand thats not the companys fault,different mycellium just have a mind of there own as far as growing.....Well just want to say i love your products and will definitely be ordering again within a month or so.Im on all the Facebook groups for this subject such as the shroomery .ect and i have been repping you guys like crazy to everyone I know.I wish you guys had merchandise like stickers and tshirts.well keep up the good work of sharing the amazing spores that we treasure so much.thanks! 9/10/17

Yeah was great product and packaging ordered from spores 101 and packaging was blantely obvious this was fast and descreet 9/9/17

Awsome! Placed order on Sunday, was shipped on Friday got here on Monday. Thank you Lil Shop of Spores. 9/6/17

I had great, speedy service from Lil Shop of Spores. I got my two spore syringes within a week and a half in a well packaged box. They even tossed in a little freebie for me. I will be shopping here again, very soon! 8/30/17

10 stars excellent product with very quick delivery times thanks so much for being awesome. 8/29/17

excellent experience. Great price, fast turn around time and even received a bonus with my order :) little things go a LONG way, will definitely recommend and order from again. Thanks. 8/28/17

Very quick and discreet shipping very satisfied. Now the rest is up to me. Thank you 8/28/17

Ordered 5 syringes and all of them looked very nice. I have had great success under the microscope. 8/27/17

You guys are the best love that there are alto of spores and fast shipping and hooked it up with a sample you guys are way better then spores 101 I will recamend you guys to every one I know thank you . 8/21/17

order came pretty quick. syringes looked a little lighter than expected, but i think the freebie that was added may make up for that. overall i would recommend and will order from you guys again. 8/21/17

My order was delivered in a timely manner and look great under a microscope. Will use Lil' Shop again. 8/21/17

Easy process. Reasonable Pricing. Fast shipping. Thank you so much! 8/16/17

hey sorry it took so long to leave some feed back. thankyou for send me them. this is my first time growing so id like to thank you for the business. if you want to help me out with any tips tricks or any advice id love to hear from yall. im not sure if you can see my @mail so ill leave it right here but thankyou and have a great day 8/14/17

Amazing service, fast and packed wonderfully. Included free gift. I am confident the specimens I received will be just as great as the service. Look forward to doing future business with this company. 8/14/17

Lil Shop of Spores is the only place I buy my spores from! The huge selection of spores is amazing. I've never had any issues with ordering or shipping, and it's always quick! Keep up the good work! 8/13/17

As usual I'm very happy. Never have had a problem here. Great deal and sometimes there's freebies. Why go anywhere else? 8/12/17

Thanks for the great service, as always. 8/11/17

I am grateful to have been led to your store. This was my first spore order and I couldn't be more pleased with your company. It shows that you take great care in your company and products by providing an informative, professional, and well organized website, affordable pricing, outstanding customer service, and speedy shipping. Quality every step of the way. Tia was incredibly responsive, pleasant, and helpful. Also, I greatly appreciate the additional spore syringe. A million thanks! 8/10/17

Great job guys... as usual! Thanks for the extra bonus 8/10/17

Decent shipping/processing time, perfect packaging and easy to check out! 8/9/17

My experience with Lil' Shop of Spores was great. Ordering the products was easy, the customer service was excellent and the package arrived fast and on time. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you! 8/6/17

Thank you so much for providing such reliable service. You guys are awesome! Also thanks for the free syringe on my last order. I'm excited to continue doing business with you as I continue to expand my collection! 8/4/17

I love you guys, always get my order in a timely fashion and even pay attention to my suggestions. You guys are that much better than my last vendor and look forward to having a long history! #lilshopofsporesforever 7/31/17

Great syringe all the spores looked awesome on the microscope :p 7/29/17

You guys are awesome. I will be sure to order more in the future if I have any more science projects I'm working on. By the way I did get an extra syringe full of spores. Why is that? I really do appreciate the bonus one and getting my package safe and in a timely manner. Look forward to hearing from you guys. Your the best! 7/26/17

I like your service, fast shipping,quality looking good and tracking I will order again in the future. 7/24/17

Great product and fast shipping. Thanks for everything. 7/23/17

Great quality products, fast shipping, and I love the surprise syringes! 7/21/17

Phenomenal as always. Lil Shop has never let me down. 7/19/17

Short delivery, amazing to look at under the microscope. Would order from again :) 7/16/17

I got great spores! Golden teacher, fuji :) Lil' Shop of Spores is the best. THANK YOU 7/15/17

For real thanks man... everything I've got from tall has worked great and I've always got what I've payed for. A million times thank you bro.. 7/14/17

Very good plan on makeing alot more orders 7/14/17

As usual my order came REAL quickly and as usual there was an extra bonus syringe. This is a great place to do business with. 7/13/17

My ordering experience with LIL SHOP was the best, CAKE WALK.. 7/13/17

Great prices, fast shipping, a free syringe. That's what I call customer service. 7/12/17

I just wanted to say great prices, discreet shipping, free spore syringe and nice variety. Kudos. Thanks for your services. I will say this though...I've had no answer to my email about a bulk purchase...bulk usually means decent amount of money spent..don't understand why no answer. Other than that everything was perfect. 7/10/17

You guys are awesome. I'm never disappointed. Thank you so much. Y'all are the only site that i will order from. Everything I've ever ordered from y'all has exceeded my expectations. Never will I go anywhere else and if anyone ever asks me where to go, i point them in your direction. A million times thank you. 7/9/17

just wanted to say thank you so much for your gesture of kindness. i recently ordered 2 syringes and you included a freebie:) im a newbie and will be ordering in the future . willymyco sent me your way and i already sent him a thank you for doing so. Mike from Wisconsin:) much love tou guys n gals 7/9/17

just wanted to say thanks for everything. ist set i ordered a cpl months ago is rocking, really glad willymyco turned me onto you:) have a good weekend 7/8/17

Everything arrived in great condition. Quick delivery! They also gave me a free gift with my order, that was Greatly Appreciated. Highly recommended 7/8/7

Wanted to let you know, sor far your service has been great. Made an order 2 weeks ago and received it 3 days later. I made another order 3 days ago on Friday and I expect it will be the same, quick and easy. Thank you for your quick and easy to use mycology services, it makes it fun. I heard about you from Willy Myco. Have a great afternoon brotha. 6/12/17

Awesome service fast shipping great products always my first choice when looking for spores of any type. 6/11/17

You guys were out of a specific strain I had ordered and more than made up for it with a personalized handwritten note, which is so uncommon and I very much appreciate the extra little effort! 6/11/17

Delivery has been fast on multiple orders. 6/10/17

Very fast delivery, 100% colonization on all syringes, No contams. Good job! 6/9/17

Just fine....good communication and quick delivery. Ill be back. 6/9/17

Super fast shipping thanks for everything 6/9/17

Hello! Thank you so much! I was already very happy with my purchase even before I found the extra strain hiding below the bubble wrap! I look forward to ordering from your site again soon. 6/8/17

First time creating an account. Not my first purchase and wont be my last. my order was shipped quickly and tracking was also provided, big plus! You guys have never let me down, and I appreciate what you do. 6/7/17

Product arrived fast. Everything's working fine. Will use again. 6/6/17

Been nothing but a great experience ordering from you guys. Great selection and fast service. Will be a repeat customer for sure. 6/6/17

Wonderful experience as always 6/3/17

This is my first time using your site and I am new to this world but very excited and your site has been helpful and intersting. My order came complete and in fact I had found that with my order was an extra sample of the treasure coast. For this I say thank you. I'm not sure if it was in error or because maybe i spent a certain amount. Either way I am very please and will return in the near future thank you. 5/31/17

Enjoying the spores, thanks for the freebie. 5/31/17

All the specimens look great and viable under the scope. Speedy shipping! 5/30/17

Quality spores. Arrived promptly and discretely. Recommend highly. 5/29/17

Very satisfied with the service and fast delivery. My syringes were packaged securely and the quality appears to be exceptional. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks guys! 5/29/17

You guys are great!!! I've ordered from you three times, and it's always been fast and high quality! I always suggest you to friends. 5/27/17

Beyond great service! Fastest shipping and best prices! Cant wait to order again! 5/26/17

Hi I purchased a syringe of spores of the Puerto rican strain and the four for forty deal. I know there is strict word about the use of spores given the legality of them. They arrived well packaged and on time. Depending on the spires themselves I may be a repeat customer. Time will tell. I'll also report how my experience was overall to various sites and blogs. Thank you 5/26/17

It was good...5/25/17

Awesome experience overall!! Thank you for being so helpful & fast :) Definately worth it. 5/25/17

So far, Lil' Shop of Spores has reliably provided sterile, well packaged spore syinges. 5/23/17

Great Coustomer Service! The last two orders came with an extra syringe, shipped within the week, spores look great, lil shop has been great and I plan to do all my future transactions w your company, thank you for your generosity 5/21/17

Awesome shipping and no contamination as usual. Scale of 1-10, Lil' Shop of Spores gets a 12. Thanks guys. 5/21/17

Product arrived more quickly than expected and in good condition. 5/20/17

Super fast! Haven't had the chance to scope them yet but I've scoped some from you guys before and everything checked out great. 5/20/17

Thanks! Really looking forward to working with these spores. 5/20/17

Very happy with your service and will definitely be a return costumer. 5/19/17

over all good experience,no contaminated syringes,little high on shipping 5/15/17

I received my order fast and in great condition. Thank you so much! I've had a great experience ordering from you. It was my first, but won't be my last. 5/15/17

My experience with your company has been exceptional as always 5/14/17

Hey guys! Thanks for the awesome spores. Super excited for some "viewing" 5/11/17

Great quality and great customer service, not to mention quality spores that look amazing under the microscope! I will definitely be a steady customer! 5/8/17

Awsome guys, not one problem with contamination and shipping. Is still lightning fast. Thanks 5/6/17

I have no complaints and I tell all my friends : ) 5/4/17

dude stuff is all killer thanks for the free throw in i really appreciate it 4/29/17

Thank you so much for the timely delivery and I was very pleased with the samples in the package. 4/29/17

Excellent in every way 4/29/17

I've placed two separate orders through these guys. Both times the product has arrived promptly. On my second order I purchased two syringes and I even got a third free of charge, which was great. If I know others looking to get into the hobby I would absolutely recommend their services. 4/28/17

I'm very happy, the spores are top notch!! I would try to improve communication with customers... Customer service is virtually non existent. 4/27/17

Definitely happy with my purchase here. I ordered 2 of the random grab syringes and in 4 days I believe they arrived with not 1 extra syringe like I've heard of others getting but 2 free spore syringes. 4/27/17

Truly a unique and enjoyable service. My experience with the process of selection was simple and educational. The checkout process was straight forward. Delivery was what really surprised me. I rarely get deliveries that fast. 4/26/17

I've bought exclusively from you guys for years and you guys always take care of me I always get a free syringe good quality and fast shipping thanks and much love 4/22/17

Everything went well, great product. Thanks! 4/21/17

Thanks again! Spores are perfect for studying. The more I learn the ore I want.! Next on the list ...oysters to grow and eat. 4/20/17

Fast delivery - chose the random grab special and very happy with the result - thanks A+ 4/19/17

Have always had a great shopping experience with you guys never a problem always got what I wanted been ordering from you since the blue meanie sticker only this time I got my one order the cap was off and the needle some how let out half the syringe out into the box but I got everything else was great thank you Blu you guys always rock. 4/18/17

So far so good. Great time on shipping.. haven't used them yet but judging from the big clump in them.. I should be just fine 4/18/17

First of all your name Lil' shop of spores , perfect and your prices the best ,my order was at my door step fast my" science students " can't wait to see my spores ! 4/16/17

Professional, quickly delivered, and discreet 4/16/17

I was about to give up. Last four orders(different stores) I've had contamination problems. I tried you guys and haven't had any problems. You guys are awesome. Thanks 4/15/17

really liked fast delivery and a surprise free syringe :) thank you! will be buying again. 4/13/17

one of the best spore shops, if not number one out there! great results from the first try, defiantly will buy again. 4/13/17

My spores order went through smoothly and arrived when expected. I got a free syringe, too! Thanks a lot to everyone at the Lil' Shop of Spores! 4/5/17

Great customer service and speedy, safe shipping 4/4/17

Lil' Shop of Spores is the only Mushroom supplier I will ever use, I have use them for the past few years. They have the best service and great prices too. 4/2/17

Thank you for the great service! The syringes arrived within five days which was exceptionally fast and convenient, you guys even threw in an extra syringe wich was awesome. This is my second time ordering from here and I am very pleased with the service provided and will definitely be ordering from here again! 3/31/17

looked around alot of places, found this one on reddit and was highly recommended, now i recommend it too. fast shipping, sterile products 3/31/17

First time ordering from here. Service was awesome. I received my order promptly and was able to track it along the way. Product looks great and thanks for the needle as well! Will need time to test the strain. Overall a great experience! 3/31/17

Super fast discrete shipping and I mean fast thanks guys 3/30/17

The spores I received were in great condition. They arrived in the mail in just 4 days and were shipped off immediately. I had an ideal experence and would definitely order again. Thank you for the great product and professional atmosphere! 3/28/17

Awesome customer service, I received my shipment extremely fast way faster than expected. I am very happy with my purchase and will defenitely be purchasing more items soon. Thanks you guys so much 3/27/17

truly excellent, 20/10 recommend to anyone 3/26/17

Remains the only source for me. Always satisfied. 3/25/17

As always...wonderful service..super fast..sterile..and full of spores... 3/24/17

My experience with Lil' Shop of Spores has been the best of any spores distributer I've used. The website colorful, inviting and easy to navigate. Other shops I had looked at were almost like an inventory sheet without any personality. Here, there is a wide selection and a description for each strain that helped my decision. Check out and delivery were both seamless, and less than a week from ordering I've already got mycelium growing. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. 3/23/17

Excellent service! Received my order in less than a week and the quality was great! Awesome shop! 3/22/17

I am very satisfied with my transaction. The delivery timing was good, the spores are in great condition for microscopy, and I even got a free spore syringe. Thank you! 3/20/17

The spores were on time and were given as advertised, I couldn't have asked for better service. I will definitely use this method of acquiring spores again once they have fruited :) 3/17/17

Best service is right here. Fast shipment. Impeccable packaging. Honest prices. Only one thing I would recommend is a better selection of gourmet shrooms. Can't find wood ear fungus anywhere. But what you do have is primo. Thank you. 3/16/17

The shipping was very fast, the spores seem strong and healthy. I also appreciate the freebie.
If I had one complaint, I would prefer sharp needles, but that's simply an inconvenience.
Also, I never would have found this place without shroomery. 3/14/17

They do Great work 3/14/17

I have been viewing Lil' Shop Of Spores' spores for three years running. Best spore samples out there! 3/13/17

Awsome, ordered on a Thursday, got my order on Monday. Fastest I've seen so far. Good and sterile, no contamination so far. Definitely be ordering again very soon. Thank you and thank you for the extra syringe. 3/12/17

You guys are awesome. Fast shipping, 0 contams. A few more bucks than another vendor I tried but it's worth it. That size and style of syringe tip that you use suits me best. First heard about you from Willy Myco video. I follow all of his teks and he mentioned you so.... Hook him up! 3/12/17

Very happy with the product! I will be ordering again thanks alot!!! 3/12/17

I have loved doing my spore business here on LSOS. The prices are reasonable and the shipping is always on point. I've never not received my packages, which can not be said for other spore sites available. The selection is hearty and high quality and grows humongous fungus my friends. Well worth becoming a loyal customer 3/11/17

It was so easy! Your website was easy to navigate comma and easy to order from. The product was delivered within just a few days. As luck would have it comma I need to leave town for a few weeks so I put the syringe in the fridge. I'll see how it goes upon my return. 3/11/17

Fast shipping and a free sample included. Great microscopy viewing. 3/10/17

A++++ 3/10/17

Fast and discreet. Spores look great. Thank you. 3/10/17

Service was excellent, and thank you very much for the extra syringe! 3/9/17

Super fast shipping, accurate order. What a great supplier!! There will definitely be more business in the future. 3/9/17

Seriously outstanding. 3/8/17

Will always continue to do business with you guys I've never had anything but excellent service and I've dealt with you 5-6 times now thanks again for your superior business and customer service:-) 3/7/17

After ordering and paying I had receipt in hand in moments. After 6 days, I had heard nothing, and checked here to see order still open. Emailed, called and got a note back in a day or two with apology and a shipping number.
2 days later i had my stuff, well packed, and with an extra tube as part of promotion. I also got 2 more apology notes about the delay. Stuff happens; no biggie as he jumped on it once he knew, and I will shop here again. :) 3/6/17

thrilling can't wait for results but as you know it will be 6 week until I know if I am in love 3/5/17

Everything went well and arrived when expected. Also thank you guys for the extra syringe!!! 3/3/17

Amazing service and great quality spores. They are beautifuk to look at and came withing 3 days, plus the free random grab syringe for ordering over $30. I will never use another spore store, nor have I in 3 years. 3/3/17

You asked about my experience, and I can only say that it was great: fast shipping, good prices, clear communication about my order's status. I will be using your site again in the future. 3/3/17

Fast shipping good quality spores will be getting more to study 3/2/17

So very happy with the website, and such interesting specimens! Looking forward to the next time! 3/1/17

Great service and I appreciated the extra spore culture that was included with my order! Thank you! 2/27/17

Fantastic company! I ordered 4 syringes, and received 6. Thank You Lil Shop! It's a pleasure doing business with you 2/22/17

First time ordering from this vendor and I was not disappointed! Ordered a golden teacher syringe and they sent me a free Ecuador syringe, the free one was clumpy you could tell it had been sitting around for awhile but hey can't knock free. All in all a great company to order spores from 2/20/17

Super fast shipping, fast responses to emails, friendly. 2/20/17

Courteous customer service, fast non-discript shipping and a great product! 2/20/17

Thanks guys, as always much appreciated. I said in the last review i sent you guys that due to the outstanding costumer service i'm a costumer for life. Once again i wasn't disappointed and a loyal costumer i remain.
-Much appreciated- 2/16/17

I have been using your company for 5 years now and I have loved your products! 2/15/17

Simply amazing came with in 5 day, only complaint my freebie was broken apon receiving it. But beggars can't be choosers got what I asked for, so I am a very pleased customer and will be returning for more!! 2/15/17

I just want to say thank you for sending me my order promptly and accurately. I also appreciate the extra on my random order, that was nice of you guys. So far very pleased with your service. Have a wonderful day. 2/14/17

Good price on shipping speedy shipping very happy 2/14/17

Everything was great...some spores were very light and hard to see but under the microscope you could see them clearly...shipping was pretty quick and syringes clearly labeled and the bonus syringe was an...A+ 2/13/17

Swift, simple, and easy service. 2/13/17

This is a great site. They are quick to ship and I've had great success with their products. 2/12/17

I just placed an order for some more syringes. I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome relationship we have had over the past 5 years. I've never ordered from anyone else because your customer service has been awesome :) Keep up the great work my friend 2/12/17

As always a pleasure, every syringe I purchased from here is top notch. Not to mention they're awesome shipping policies....I do have one bitch though, can you please get ahold of an Albino A+, or some type of genetic Albino would be great...Yall kick ass every order 2/10/17

I'm very happy with Lil' Shop Of Spores. Ordering was easy and shipping was relatively fast. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thank you! 2/10/17

You guys are great!! Can't wait to start the researching! I will be ordering soon! Hopefully some PE will be ready soon! 2/6/17

Good fast service and good prices. I will continue to do more business with you guys. 2/5/17

The order came very fast and the packaging was great. I'm very satisfied with this purchase! Thank you very much; will spread the word! 2/4/17

I have been using Lil' Shop exclusively for the past 15 years. During that time I have never had a single problem or complaint. Every specimen I have evaluated has been exactly as advertised and 100% viable. I have never had an order lost or even delayed and have ordered from 3 different states. They have always arrived promptly and in excellent condition and bonus syringes are pretty common. Very professional. Easily 10/10. 2/3/17

Great ordering experience and prompt delivery. I sent an email the other day regarding certain products on the website and did not yet receive a response. 2/3/17

Great.came fast waiting to see how they come out 2/1/17

Very satisfied with your services. Great experience recieved complete order timely and packages very well. And you honored all promotions. Would definitely recommend for a friend 1/31/17

Excelent product and fast service, Thank you, LSP. 1/27/17

Thanks for the order. Much Appreciated! 1/27/17

Recently placed my second order with LSoS, have had no problems and usually receive my order within a week. 1/27/17

I haven't used my spores yet but they came way faster than i was expecting and the price was great. If they work out for me i will definitely be a return customer. Ive been growing for many years and normally make my own prints but wanted to start fresh. The only con was it would only let me order pf by the 5 pack which are my favorite strain. No big deal though ive always had good luck with the pes Hawaiians. Thanks again and keep up the good work 1/21/2017

I have ordered from 4 different spore companies over the last few years. I wish I had been using these guys from the beginning, very very good specimens. Shipping was also very fast. Wishing 24hrs my spores were shipped which usually takes other companies almost a week sometimes. Also got a free spore syringe with $30 purchase. Got Escondido and I'm actually more excited for these than what I wanted. Thank you guys for being so awesome. My spore shop for life 1/20/2017

Thank you so much for your quick and efficient shipping and for the freebie! 1/20/2017

I got the syringes very quickly and discretely. Thank you.I appreciate the bonus if these come out as beautiful as I expect I will be back. 1/20/2017

This is my second time ordering from y'all and every time the spores have been great! Thanks again! 1/18/2017

5 stars! 1/18/2017

Great service! Received promptly and with and extra syringe! Thank you. 1/17/2017

Great experience fast delivery great syringes will order from here again soon 1/17/2017

Fantastic experience, came ultra fast and they sent me a free sample couldn't ask for a more pleasant experience deffinetly will order again 1/16/2017

Amazing Service!! Fast shipping !! Good deals 1/16/2017

Awesome service, came quicker than i though, will always purchase from here. Love them. 1/16/2017

Five stars, 10/10, 2 thumbs up! 1/14/2017

Thanks for the timely shipment of exactly what I asked for. Spot on service and a quick response to my quick question. Thumbs up, as expected. 1/9/2017

Shipping was quick and cheep! great site for purchasing spores 1/7/2017

Ordered on Wednesday, package arrived on Tuesday afternoon after a Monday holiday. Thank you for the bonus syringe. I can see spores. Agar plates were starTed on Wednesday evening. No signs of contamination as of yet. 1/7/2017

Competitive price good service. Hoping for good results. This is my first attempt. I've been watching Willy Myco vids on YouTube for guidance. He plugged your name in one of his videos that's how I new of you guys. 1/7/2017

My experience was very pleasant as it usually is. Thanks for a very speedy easy order 1/7/2017

Always great. I thought I had a problem with your product once. I figured out it was likely the rye starter. The meanies are finally pinning. Very slow mycilium growth but very prolific fruiting so far. Thanks for the extra syringe! 1/6/2017

Lil Shop of Spores is a great service. Shipping is fast and reliable. I ordered two syringes for microscopic study and received an extra bonus one for free! That's a benefit a long-time customer would enjoy but this was my first purchase. Definitely going to buy from here again. Thanks for everything! 1/4/2017

Wonderful product and very professional. I look forward to future orders. 1/3/2017

I ordered it and got them next day, I live in Minnesota. I got what I ordered. I feel good with my transaction. 1/2/2017

Great Service, Great Products!!! It doesnt get much better. Definitely A1 for your microscopy needs. 1/1/2017

Anyway, I used to use sporeworks but lately they've been having card processor issues so I tried you. I'm quite happy with the costs and shipping time, as well as the freebie. So long as my research goes well - which it appears it will - you guys will have a new customer. 1/1/2017

I got my order super quick. Very professional. I look forward to more purchases in the future. Thanks!! 12/31/2016

I just wanted to say that my experience has been great. I orded two random syringes and got three. They are the real deal. These spores do exactly what they are supposed to and i will buy from lil shop everytime i want to do this kind of research 12/30/2016

Fast shipping & great extra's.. spores were very 'alive' & willing to bee viewed, thank you guys for everything, see you on the other slide..

May the spores bee with you!! 12/29/2016

My samples arrived extremely quickly. I was very pleased with this. I will be checking the viability and viggor of the species I received soon. Thank you. 12/29/2016

Excellent and quick service with good viable syringes at a decent price, I bought five and was given a couple of free random psilocybe syringes! Thanks! Will be back!! 12/29/2016

Nothing but LOVE for you guys. Made my first flow hood from your plans. That's how long I have been buying from you guys. Service and quality has ALWAYS been top notch. I've purchased from the professor and damn near everyone since then. There are only 2 that I work with, as the junk peddlers have weeded themselves out of MY BUSINESS. Just so everyone kknows, out of the 2 that I buy from, you guys are the better of the 2. I just made another flow hood and it's based the plans that you used to have on your site. I truly believe that you guys don't get the props that you deserve. Peace, TBE. 12/26/2016

I can't even fathom how fast shipping was, customer service was on point, syringes came fully together wrapped in a protective sterile plastic, not one of them came broken and shipping way super quick it said it would be here in 3 but ended up being 2. Best place to buy spores as they live up to their word and exceptions about syringes be clean and non contam. Three cheers for the lilsporeshop! :^) 12/26/2016

Good thanks you so much 12/26/2016

Cool beans! 12/22/2016

This is my second time ordering from Lil Shope Of Spores and each time has been hassle free and a perfect product delivered on time, what more could you ask for? WINNING! 12/20/2016

It was the perfect shipping. Thanks so much. Awesome packaging as well. Will be buying from you guys again soon! You can count on that. 12/20/2016

Great seller, generous business practices. Sent a freebie to me just because! Thanks. 12/19/2016

The best place to purchase spores, highly recommended from a shroomery member of many years, All 3 Original books from PF, have follow the guides he has left us, #1 place that will have my business for years to come. 12/18/2016

Fast shipping, great syringe. Definitely will come back. 12/18/2016

Hello there, I have now found my first choice online vender i intend to continue business with as service was flawless,placed my order and promptly received my order in only a few days..Excellent..customer seevice..I am now a Loyal customer in the making..Thanks!!! 12/17/2016

Just wanted to extend my gratitude for taking care of me, and let you know I will be placing another order within the next week! Thank you again, I'm very impressed with your company. 12/16/2016

Excellent service. 12/15/2016

I have ordered a total of 10-12 syringes in total in 2 orders. As a noob I was happy to get what i wanted, and when i had a contamination issue the 1st round out, and they asked me about if it was one or all, they offered to send more (im glad i didnt accept). When the 2nd order came and everything went great i knew i had found something to remember. I always see the spores with the naked eye and look around at the other prices.. Its now Dec.2016 and i am reporting on April-Mayish and July's orders. So this is time-lapsed already, refrigerated for a few months and still viable. 12/12/2016

Once again great shipment nice and sterile....This is my goto spore store.... 12/11/2016

Great experience. Definitiely using again 12/11/2016

Really fast delivery and really like the random free spores to try your new strands. 12/11/2016

Yippee! SuperDuper. Great service and great product! 12/10/2016

I am extremely happy with you guys. Fast shipping, great prices and the products are awesome! lilshopofspores definitely has my recommendation. 12/10/2015

fast! discreet! Shipping. Great price. I'm just starting out so from my stand point what a great lil' shop of spores!!! 12/9/2016

This was my first time ordering spores online and i was a little concerned as to the quality of the samples and the people that i receive them from. after doing a little homework, i decided to give your services a try. I must tell you that i am very pleased with the product i purchased! Ordering was a cinch, the delivery was prompt, and i was appreciative for the extra little gift i received with my order. I will absolutely be using your services in the near future. Thank you 12/9/2016

What really amazed me is I goofed on my address when I ordered some psilocybin spore syringes (I'd moved) . I realized it and emailed Lil'Shop about it. .I immediately got a response and Jason said "no problem". I got my order within a week or less! It's too soon to know about viability. But I'm expecting good things based on so far! The website is great too-easy 12/9/2016

the service was fire as usual 12/8/2016

I just wanted to send a big thank you for the order I received. I appreciate the handwritten thank you note and the extra syringe. I will definitely be coming back and I will recommend you to anyone interested in this hobby. Namaste and have a blessed winter solstice. 12/7/2016

Great service. Received item rapidly. 12/6/2016

I love this site! This is my go to for everything...thanks you for your service 12/5/2016

Always great doing business with you guys. Great product and service. Thanks and keep up the good work. 12/5/2016

Shipping was quick and I even got an extra syringe from yall. Thanks for the hookup! 12/4/2016

Fast shipping, fast replies to emails and good customer service, the spores look awesome under the scope and there are just enough to examine as much as you need! Keep this website going guys! Thanks again! 12/4/2016

Fast safe shipping. Will order again! 12/2/2016

You guys were phenomenal!! My package arrived very fast, and everything was correct! I appreciated the handwritten message on the receipt and I thought that was quite a nice touch. Will definitely be a return customer! Thank you! 12/2/2016

I am VERY pleased with the WHOLE transaction!! I ordered around thanksgiving and still the shipping was lightning fast!! When i got the product i was happy to see that it was A1, definitely unsurpassed!! Im very thankful to have found these guys and now recommend them to EVERYONE. Thank you guys at lil shop of spores for being a stand up company, as long as you guys are in business, yall will have mine!! 12/2/2016

Lil Shop of Spores Has, Is, and will Always be my go to spore shop. Fast and reliable and the spores are always top notch..I will re-post once my jars grow with no issues 12/1/2016

Hello to you wonderful people at lilshopospores! A while back we made our first order and it was a wonderful experience. 11/30/2016

Thanks for the syringe! The money order option is always a grand one 11/28/2016

Packaged great , could see spores unlike some vendors and my half pint brf jars took off and are thriving right now , thanks ! 11/28/2016

Man spores were excellent , 10 out of 10 :) 11/26/2016

Great and fast shipping! Will follow up with how spores and everything work out! Thanks! :D 11/26/2016

Can't say enough about Lil Shop of Spores! Order was shipped quickly and packaged properly and discreetly. I am also thrilled with the amount of VISIBLE spore clumps in the syringes( including the FREE one!) And can't wait to veiw them. I'll never shop anywhere else! Thanks a million LSOS!!! 11/27/2016

Overall, I had a really positive experience with LSoS. I had a little trouble with the shopping cart and it selected the wrong shipping address, but customer service was able to get it changed before it was sent, so all arrived as expected. Really great customer service. This is my second order with you guys and I'm now a seriously loyal client. 11/27/2016

Once again I am pleased. 11/26/2016

Thank you again and for the freebie. You guys are awesome. Peace and safety! 11/25/2016

Super fast delivery. Thank you for the extra syringe. Def the people I will be doing business with from now on. 11/25/2016

I would like to say that I am over the moon and so glad I chose to buy from lil shop of spores, they were out of the strains I ordered and gave me 4 extra syringes free, with a cute not explaining what happened. I felt like they exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased as a customer. I am forever a loyal customer now, thanks and have a prosperous 2017!!!! 11/23/2016

Very pleased with my purchase! Super fast shipping, excellent products for a good price, will definitely have my business in the future!! Thank you! 11/17/2016

I have placed several orders and have had a positive experience every time. Quality products and reasonable prices. 11/15/2016

Realy fast shipment. Spores looking great my research is going very good I'm sure I'll see some things I have never seen. 11/13/2016

I only have one thing to say. I had such outstanding costumer service from this website that I can only imagine the staff must be made up of the most courteous, polite, respectful, and just all around best people you could possibly hope to acquire for the dream team stuff that is so clearly working for this company. Due to this I am now and forever will be a exclusive buyer from this website, you have a loyal costumer for life. I look forward to the next time I am graced with the absolute pleasure of doing business with you again. Thank you! :) 11/11/2016

I got my sample Really quickly. Every single one has so many spores i can see a clump including the "free" and the "overstock" (i bought the 6 pack this time)
The question: Where's a safe, quick, and reliable spore supplier for the US, that wont price gouge?
The Answer: You found it 11/10/2016

Great samples for research. Thank you will order again 11/9/2016

You guys are awesome! Quality every time! 11/9/2016

Quick service, looking forward to viewing these and others in future. Thanks a lot. 11/6/2016

Great Company!! My order came VERY fast and looks great. I will definitely be ordering more product in the future and would suggest this site to everyone. Thanks again for the freebies and for the great products! 11/6/2016

My spores arrived and the specimens looked great under a microscope. I would like to see some spores from Germany 11/4/2016

Very pleasant experience, thanks guys. 11/1/2016

The ordering experience was good as to be expected...the syringe was intact without leaks...I was pretty lit when the package arrived and I found the fact it was pact in uline catalog paper cracked me up,I also use their catalogs for shipping things..makes a good shock dampener lol..thanks again..also there was a large amount of spore in the syringe which was another impressive detail..I'll definitely be placing future orders with you folks thank you. 10/31/2016

It's no wonder that you guys/gals have so many positive reviews. I can't thank you all enough for your prompt service in providing my Mexicana strains. It is difficult this day and age to find such a thoughtful and committed business who truly puts their customers first. You'll have my busniness from here out.
Thank you all at the Lil shop. 10/31/2016

I'd like to thank lil'shop of spores very much these are amazing and service was great, I'd also like to apologize for my late review because I had to order a new microscope... the flaw in having pets,thanks so much guys I appreciate the quick response in support! 10/25/2016

very great spores so far 10/25/2016

Extremely fast delivery! Ordered on thursday and had it by saturday morning! Superb quality and exelent service! Im a customer for life! The free extra syringe was awsome as well 10/24/2016

Hi lil shop I received my grab bag spore was a Escondido. .I was the hesitant from ordering because I ordered from a place called .....sporestore. ..and didn't receive my order. ..but when I went on the shroomery site and seen you guys have been a sponsor for over 12 years..I decided to order from you..I will say I am very pleased with your timely email and on-time delivery I'm so happy that I order with you guys and I will order with you guys again thank you so much! 10/23/2016

I just received my package. Thank you so much for that extra sample of mazatapec, Regardless of what happens with that, I am definitely recommending your site to everyone who is curious. I really appreciate the shipping speed, and the discreet shipping. I also very much appreciate your timely response to my questions. 10/22/2016

I just wanted to thank you as well for my order! Packaging was professional and delivery was quick. That hand-written thank you on my receipt was a great touch and it gives me a very customer-oriented vibe from your business! I'm definitely going to be ordering from you again in the near future as you have a huge variety of spores that i'm interested in studying, and i've already recommended you to my fellow mycology buddies in our "Mushroom Maniacs" group! :) 10/21/2016

Thr service is puntual, professional, and customer centered. They've even thrown in a spare every once in a while. Most importantly, the products have always been contaminant free. 10/21/2016

Excellent experience! I received everything fast and accurately. Thanks so much for the extra spore! Two Thumbs up! 10/19/2016

HELLO Hello Hello

I am enormously pleased with my purchase and purchasing experience. Your website was easy to use, has incredible information, the shipping was perfect and fast! Thank you for sending me a sample for my viewing pleasure!! 10/18/2016

You guys ROCK! Fast, discrete, and I got extras? So awesome. Thank You! 10/12/2016

Giving me the free spore syringe for microscopy was awesome thanks lil shop 10/12/2016

Excellent service! At first I was skeptical but my syringe arrived promptly and it was full of spores! I put them in my dish and slid them under the microscope and boy are they loaded with them! No contamination everything was sterile and intact! Keep it up lil shop of spores! And I look forward to future purchases with you guys no need to look elsewhere! My package hadn't went out when I thought it did but customer service was prompt in telling me about the situation, and I still got my shipment faster than I thought I would, A+++!!! 10/11/2016

You guys are amazing! Such fast shipping and I really appreciate the extra syringe! I will definitely be a life long customer. 10/10/2016

Thank u! I received them quickly ! With an extra :) 10/10/2016

5 stars. Yall are amazing. Great products. Great customer service. Everything is always great with you guys. I can't say enough about how good I've been treated by yall 10/7/2016

Great customer service, speedy delivery, great prices. These guys are my main spore source! 10/7/2016

Killer service, fast shipping, great strains! Third time going through them and they have never fails me. They are not shy to giving a free syringe either! 10/5/2016

Im in Arkansas, and it took only three days for shipping. The product was as advertised and is working well. Thanx 10/1/2016

Fast shipping. Good service. Great strains available. Definitely will order again. 9/28/2016

I am veryyyy pleased with my recent order. I requested the 5 syringe special and all the strains I wanted were available. I was especially happy to see the one extra syringe that was included at no cost. Every time I order I am completely satisfied with the quick and easy transaction and quality of spores. Thank you so much for being a trusted provider. Keep up the great work y'all and may the love, magic and good vibes stay flowing. Xoxo 9/27/2016

Speedy delivery and excellent samples and service as usual, thanks! 9/27/2016

Received, well packaged product. Will purchase from you again! 9/21/16

Fast shipping got to location fine I'm very impressed with this company and great random grab strain recommend for any one who don't know much or just for curiosity either way can't go wrong 9/21/16

Thanks for everything guys, so far so good! 9/19/16

You guys have great customer service everything arrives on time and the spores r beautiful thank you so much! 9/19/16

You guys are fantastic, great price and the order arrived faster than promised. Will continue to order from this site. Thank you guys! 9/17/16

Top notch service as always! 9/15/16

You guys are fantastic, great price and the order arrived faster than promised. Will continue to order from this site. Thank you guys! 9/15/16

Great service! They threw in an extra syringe for free! I will def. be back for more! Thanks!


You guys are amazing. Thank you!!!


Love the service and shiping is fast


once again, you guys were great! thanks.


Great doing business with you guys once again. My order came fast and accurate. Plus there was an extra syringe in my order. I'm a customer for life. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Absolutely amazing service. Not only did what I order come through faster than expected, but there was an extra syringe thrown in for free! I'll definitely be ordering again in a couple weeks...


Placed an order with lil shop of spores and 5 days later it came to my door! Syringes packed with spores couldn't be happier with them


Great Experience!!!


Nice viewing!!


Arrived, there is definitely something in there! Haven't put them under the scope yet, but I've got all my science-y stuff ready to go.


I have been using you guys for a over year now and always been pleased. Recently there was an error made in my order. I notified you and it was fixed right away! I am very impressed with the service you provide. I will be recommending to friends and on message boards. Great job!


I have had a great experience with your company and will be placing orders through you at least three or four times a year. Thanks for everything the quality, timeliness and all around customer service is MAGNIFICENT!


The syringe I ordered wasn't in stock, so Jason sent me 3 syringes of my choice and a 4th one at no extra charge. You guys are great and the syringes are always top notch. Thanks Jason.


Got my order very fast and in good shape will do business with you again.


Excellent service I recieved my package quickly will definately order from you again 5 stars.


Great service


Nice work boys on time as usual.


You guys are the best! Thanks so much for the extra spores, I just moved and it really helps!!!! Much love


Bought two syringes of spores. shop threw in a third for free. very awesome. received the package less than a week after ordering. came very clean and the spores are visible in the saline. excellent service. waiting on the results from the "science experiment, but otherwise will order again most definitely. great doing business with lil' spores....if youre from shroomery, chose this one. i did and don't regret at all.


Tried a couple of websites before you and am glad i found you happy with my experience and im going to keep coming back...thank you :)


Well first and foremost I have been a customer for over 2 years and never had an order fail or not delivered on time. If you ever have an issue the staff is the absolute best resolving problems. I love you guys -Sam


Hey! I've been using yalls spores for several years now and you've never let me down! Thanks for all of your hard work. And just know, you're changing lives one spore print at a time. Keep it up!


Burma has been super fast to colonize at 88 degrees. No contamination in any jars. It wasn't long before pins formed. Really great beginner strain.


I got my order in less than 5 business days when I checked it out under my microscope I saw no signs of contamination great job keep up the good work.


Perfect, first time experience!!! Thank you, will return.


Excellent, as usual!


Thank you very much. You were out of the strain I ordered and sending a replacement and two extra strains was a fine example of customer service. I will be a return customer for sure.


Hello Lil shop, first off I still love you guys 4 ever, all of the cubensis spore were 100% healthy under the lense. All of the cube species were amazing to work with 100% top quality. I will always be a loyal customer because I have had so much success and perfect delivery with cubes from you guys. Thank you Lil Shop -Samuel


Amazing g site. Fast delivery. Received in 2 days. Worked as promised. Received a free syringe with my order! Omg thank you Lil shop of spores!


As always excellent service, super fast, top quality products. The only go-to supply shop you will.ever need.


Will definitely order from and recommend Lil Shop of Spores in the future. Delivery was super fast; and, the samples were sterile as promised. Perfect specimens for the beginner microscopy student.


Wonderful experience as always. Prompt shipping & ease of payment. Thank you once again.


Hello lil shop of spores! I want to thank you guys so much for always doing honest business with all your products, I will always be an appreciative customer you guys are the best. -Sam


Great fast service. I was so surprised how fast they came. Thank you


Quick delivery, discrete packaging, extra special handwritten "thank you." Always a pleasure.


Spores arrived very quickly and i gpt a free bonus syrenge :) Over all im very happy and will be buying more in the future.


Everything was great and a free spore syringe to boot,Thanks so much,excellent viewing


Fast and efficient.Thanks


Really great, 2 day shipping. Not a problem.


Thank you guys I will definitely write you a good review and recommend you I'm more then happy with my product I will most definitely continue buying from you i very much appreciate it


Great fast delivery, fine looking product


Hello, I have been ordering from your site for several years and I have always been satisfied. This last order I got was... less than satisfactory. I was wondering if you would be willing to make it right on my next order with a coupon or something? If you need more information please let me know. Thank you.


Fast shipping, thank you so much! Will definitely be using you again, just love looking at spores under a microscope on a Friday night! Woo Hoo!


You delivered as promised! Thank you!


This is a great website and the spores have all been so great!! So satisfied, keep up the awesome work.


product came when expexted


yes your service was perfect! 100 percent and fast as Jimmy Jons! prob. hear from me again. read wrong instructions from someone else. worried sub jars could be contaminated. no growth yet. we will see if have to reload and do it right, STERLE. we are optimistic. that they will run? if not? do over, and get help, . you are my connect.


Thank you so much for your continued high quality service. My last few orders have been flawless and your bonus syringes are always delightful. Keep up the great work


Always happy when I do business with lil shop.. The best out there


Very happy with my experience with you...thank you :)


Thank you. I really appreciate you folks. I have been using your site for years.


The strain I had request was not available after I placed my order but was compensated with abother strain and a nice note of apology, explaining what happened. Now we are performing experiments now. Thank you.


LSS provides the goods again! I don't even try to look elsewhere.


Very happy with the speed that my order came. I wasn't expecting to get it so quick and forgot what it was when I got came.


Absolutely FANTASTIC!


I received an email asking how my experience was ordering. It's been a long time since I ordered spores, and I was pleased to find that my order went smoothly as I have come to expect. I was disappointed slightly in the change of shipping options (to have only more expensive options given), but I understood when the package arrives with 2 day priority shipping.


I received my order the other week and since you were out of one of the spores you threw in a few extras. That was such a nice surprise. I will definitely recommend your company to others and you will have my return business in the future. Much appreciated. Thanks!


Everything was great! My order came fast and everything was in nice sterile bags.


Good shit


Dear Customer Service ppl,
You asked me in an email to "tell you about me service". Here goes: Every time I order from your company I receive my order way before I expect it! And I always get more value than I expect! What is up with that? I NEVER get this kind of treatment from ANY other company. Forgive the hyperbole, you are great and always have been! Five stars from me for great customer service! You should teach Fortune 500 companies how to treat their customers.


You totally rock in my opinion. Best out there. I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Completely satisfied. I'll say it again, you rock!! Great customer service, great care in the preparation of the spores, complete orders with no complaints. Thank you thank you lil shop!


They were quick to respond to my questions, I received my order very quickly. Definitely will be using them again and would recommend them to everyone!


this is only my second order from Lil Shop of Spores A.K.A RSV Garden Supply. I was more than satisfied with my first purchase so I decided to stick with the same supplier. I was not disappointed! Great service, fast shipping, no complaints whatsoever.


You guys did great, thanks so much for the speedy delivery and the bonus materials - both much appreciated! I'll be back!


I was very pleased with my order great customer service. I was so happy to open my package and revived an extra syringe on top of the free one I was supposed to get. One variety that I ordered was my in stock so you guys threw in a freebie thank you so much for that!


Thank You sooooo much for your great customer service and fast shipping :) i love the little shop of spores!!!! Thank you again for a great experience!!!!


Have ordered from you guys last few years and never have been dissapointed.


extra syringe plus quick shipping. 5 out of 5


You guys are great! Very fast and the extra sample was a great bonus! I'll be using you guys for all of my spore needs from here on out!


Honestly, I've gotta say, GREAT JOB! At first, I was somewhat hesitant that the syringe was watery and wouldn't show its spores but wow I was wrong. Would order again in a heartbeat! <3 YOU GUYS!!!


Your service was quick, package was discrete, overall a very good experience. I would recommend ur company to anyone based on the service alone. Well done lol shop of spores


I ordered from and never received my order. I then tried and for about 30 bucks I got my spore syringe in 3 days. They only have express shipping as an option so it's pricey but worth it, in my opinion.


You guys are awesome. I really enjoy your products!


I really appreciate your efficient service.


Awesome customer service, great products for viewing and healing.


Great product, delivered promptly! Thanks!!!!


Very impressed, you guys nailed it. Received my order in great timing and can tell you pay close attention to detail. Syringes were packed with great care. Thanks look forward to doing more business with lil shop


Little Shop is a small business that cares! Due to a mistake on my part, my order was returned to them. Before my package made it back to them, these fine individuals sent me a whole NEW box (being winter my fears were that the original spores may have froze due to extended time in the mail) containing an EXTRA SYRINGE!!!
I am impressed. The quality is astounding. Very satisfied
Thank you Jason


Thanks for the of B+ stran! I look forward to trying it out! I only ever purchase from lil' shop of spores and probably only ever will! Top quality service and product! Thank you!


I ordered 1 syringe of Burma spores and I have no complaints. The product arrived the same week and was up to par. I would definitely recommend Lil Shop of Spores to anyone interested in mycology


Very happy with the order, thank you.


incredibly fast shipping. also receive some mystery spose I'm very interested in. always a pleasure shopping with lil shop. ordered from another company to check the quality of their syringes. still have not received anything or heard anything back other than processing after 3 weeks. moral of the story stick with lil shop.




The costumer service and ordering experience was amazing.
Thank you very much.


delivery was efficient. ordering process was simple. still too early to tell about quality of product, but as of yet things seem to be progressing very well




Item shipped without issue, and everything is going great. Really appreciate the fast shipping and quality product. You guys are awesome, and I'll be back.


Leaving feedback as requested by email. I'm very pleased with my order and would do business again. 5/5 stars


Overall pleasant experience, Fast shipping, extra stuff. Will be returning. Thanks.


Thanks lil shop of spores for the easy and simple shopping my order was shipped and delivered quickly . I plan on going back to you guys again in the future


Hi you guys are Awesome shipping! Great products


Prompt, fast shipping. Everything as described. A pleasure to work with.


Y'all ROCK! Always hookin it up! Lifetime customer for sure. Hope life is well for y'all. LivPositive, Hakuna Matata


Another happy customer here! Will order again! Thank you!


I'm new to the product. but I was incredibly impressed with the fast shipping. I will definitely be using this service again.


y'all are amazing :)


You guys are the best.Quality stuff that I can be confident in.Going to be my go to from now on and really appreciate the bonus you guys gave me.That made my day and I will be back soon


You guys are great! Very fast, I will never shio anywhere else. You can tell someone put in time on the website, it looks genuine and inviting. Your prices are unbeatable. Thank you for what you do.


My package arrived before the expected date and my one syringe turned out many microscope slides for viewing. I was doubtful about availability in my area, but now that I know about this retailer I will most definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you lilshooofspores!


I couldnt be happier. If I ever need more, I know where to look! Many thanks!


There is no better place to get spores. On time delivery, great customer service


I received my shipment exceptionally quick(GT, R44, Treasure Coast). and in great condition. All syringes were packaged incredibly well, and seemed to be handle with good caution. Have not been able to view the spores yet, but from what my eye can see there are generous clumps floating around within the solution. Very pleased with your service. Will be buying again.


I received everything as ordered in a timely fashion thank you


I got the replacements and they were in great condition thank you so much for the good business, I will continue to order through your site. You guys have a five star customer service and it's great I have had bad luck with other vendors. Now it's time to break out the microscope!!


You guys kick ass thank you for the quality spores and the extras that never disappoint. Thank You! Oh and the order processing and shipping times were fast as hell, keep it up.


Just wanted to thank you guys for the order and the free gift! Fast shipping, good prices. Looking forward to doing business with y'all again soon.


The service is phenomenal, delivered on time as stated. Top quality products. All I need is a Lil shop decal for my truck!!




Great timimg and great prices. I will use your site again!


You're service and products are outstanding. I have no complaints whatsoever.


Apologies to you, please. I sent a note earlier today, addressing the issue of congealed spores within a syringe. On closer examination, I found that syringe to be one of two I received from another provider. The spores you sent me are free floating and easy to examine.


Smooth transaction from start to finish! Nice and easy ordering system, quick shipping, perfect packaging and product just as described. Buy with confidence. Thank you!


Very happy with my order and quality stuff as well.Shipping time was great and I will be a return customer.



Excellent Customer service, guys! Placed my order two days before Christmas and it arrived within 3 days. Keep up the great work!


So far I am happy with you guys!!!!


They made the whole process very easy, got my order quickly and even received a bonus product as part of their Christmas special! Very pleased with their services. Would recommend to others.

M.K. 12/28/15

I order all my Fungi spores from you guys and I'm NEVER disappointed! Every time my microscope explodes with excitement! Thank you from me and 'Mikey' - that's my scope's name!

Terp 12/27/15

Great business. I received my order promptly and intact.

J.M. 12/26/15

I clicked on a link from my email to provide a review of my purchase. I don't know if this is the right place...? Anyhow, if it is, my experience was wonderful. You were out of one of the species that I ordered, and was compensated with two extra species. It was greatly appreciated. Thank you. I would definitely use again.

Sean 12/15/15

I had a great first time experience shopping with lil shop of spores. Looking foreward to buying again :)

Vincent 12/9/15

Fast delivery....I ordered the random grab and received am extra one. Will definitely order again.

April 12/8/15

Great experience will buy again.

The Good Sheep 12/6/15

Package arrived quick and undamaged, I appreciate the opportunity to do some research in this field!

J.W. 12/3/15

I ordered a syringe of the F+ Cubensis spores from you and I've enjoyed my experience using this website! It was easy to order, the spores got to me quickly, and the spore syringe I was mailed was perfect, thank you folks for working hard to provide such good service.

Reese 12/3/15

Fast service and quality spores! Great specimens to view under the scope provided an adequate learning experience for biology students.

A.F. 11/8/15

You guys have been great so far so good I have really nothing negative to say I've ordered with u guys a few times and I haven't been let down yet. If a situation arises I sent Jason an email he let me know what was going on he was very attentive and took care of me. Im really looking forward to my microscopy study and its all thanks to you. Thank you lil shop of spores your one pf a kind!

J.D. 11/6/15

I purchased 2 spore syringes but they were out of one so they gave me a similar strain plus another 2 free samples. Great first experience!

Adonis 11/6/15

Always 100% satisfaction and quality. I love the fast shipping speed and highly recommend lilshop to anyone I know that's looking to get into microscopy of spores! I love the hobby and little shop helps make it possible. Thanks little shop of spores!

that1guy 11/4/15

Ordered the 4 for 40 combo , got them in Monday i was absolutely satisfied with the spores. I will definitely buy from this site again. Thank You Lil Shop Of Spores!! Peace Be With You

S.H. 11/4/15

I received my package a week from order date ( a little longer than expected ) but it seems I have genuine psilocybin spores after studying under a microscope. I would recommend you guys and purchase from here in the future.

S.M. 11/3/15

Hello Lil Shop! I just wanted to say you guys are top quality. Under the microscope your syringes are packed with spores. I am a customer for life. Thank you Sam.

Sam 10/30/15

Arrived all well packed. Extra spores included also. Thanks and will grow some oysters and others hopefully. Thanks!

John 10/29/15

Always a pleasure. Your products are top shelf.

B.D. 10/28/15

The shipping was really quick and packaging and quality great as usual as well.

Mike 10/25/15

I've enjoyed your excellent service, have ordered from you several times, referred by

R.L. 10/20/15

Fair price, discrete, well packed and fast for a shipment to Alaska.

Michael 9/2/14

You guys did a great job! I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and the shipping was very fast. Thank you for the free syringe!

Daniel 9/1/14

Great service, on time shipping. Overall great experience.

Armando 8/31/14

Awesome experience every time. Fast shipping, great quality spores. Keep it up. Thanks

Anselm 8/30/14

I chose this shop other long-time Shroomery sponsors because it had a wider selection of spores for microscopy. I was pleasantly surprised by the free spore syringe. All around a good experience - the wider selection definitely makes up for the slightly greater prices than other websites.

Katherine 8/30/14

Got my spores two days after it shipped! Excellent experience. You guys just became my main supplier. Thanks for the fast customer service as well!

Jon 8/29/14

My package came really fast and all my items were in great shape thank you!!


Thanks guys. Ordered it Wednesday and got it Saturday. Fast action will always get my bizz.

MIke 8/23/14

Wonderful service! Y'all were excellent at answering any questions in a timely manner as well as shipping the product in a timely manner. Everything was packaged nicely with no damage to the contents. As a student in microbiology, I must say that the specimens were fantastic for viewing! Thank you so much for offering your services to the community. I will be shopping with you again for any more Micrology needs. :)

Tricia 8/19/14

Quick process of discrete payment! I was concerned at first, because there was no mention of the bonus syringe with any part of the order. However, it was there! I'm 100% satisfied with my order, I will be returning again. Pleasure doing business with you guys!

Geirvild 8/17/14

I wish all companies were as awesome as you guys! Customer service is exceptional, products are fabulous, shipping is quick. And I got surprise freebies! Who else does that? No one! Give yourself a pat on the back, because you rock!!

Christine 8/13/14

I like the way you do business. Thank you and keep it up.

Leo 8/12/14

Wonderful experience shopping with Lil' Shop of Spores! Fast shipping, helpful site, 10 out of 10, would recommend!

Jason 8/9/14

LSOS is the best vendor I ever used. I will never use another vendor for spores or any mycology products. Every syringe I purchased performed very well and shipping was the fastest I have seen from any other vendor ....

William 8/6/14

Super reliable. Super fast & discreet delivery. Will definitely be a return customer.

C.G. 8/3/14

My experience with lil shop of spores has been awesome,everything I have ordered came in 3 days of ordering and I realy liked the fact that they write Thank You For Your Order on the order sheet.This company is one of the best.

Caleb 8/1/14

Been a customer for a couple of years and have zero complaints. You have a great selection,fast delivery, and the products have never failed to put a smile on my face.Every time I order there is always a little something extra included with my order. In my opinion other businesses need to take out a pen and paper and take some notes.

Will 7/29/14

Excellent speed and packaging. I'm sure I'll do business with you guys again!

Trent 7/28/14

Ordered late Monday night, received shipping confirmation with tracking early Tuesday morning and my package with bonus spore syringe arrived Thursday. Quality products for my research!

Nathan 7/24/14

Customer for life! Great samples worked better than any before in only 2 days. Plus these guys are just great to work with! Fast shipping and just good folks! Thank you!

Chris 7/18/14

Fast shipping, free extras, and a hand written thank you.I am a very happy customer. You guys are awesome thank you :)

Felipe 7/15/14

I will only ever buy spores from you guys.

Ryan 7/15/14

I am responding to your email requesting how well the order went. It was not only as satisfying as my orders have always been with you guys but it came EARLY through a holiday weekend. It's not possible to ask for more than that. Thanks a bunch and obviously I will return again! 5 stars out of 5

Mark 7/12/14

Awesome! I don't know how many years i have been going through lil shop but I'm guessing well over 50 spore syringes. Always recommend you guys on the shrommery and to friends. keep up the great work!

Mike 7/11/14

Thank you, you guys are great! Thank you a Again for the fast shipping. I truly appreciate your hard work, time and dedication you put into such a great product.

Tim 7/10/14

I was very happy with the service and products from you guys. Shipping was prompt and my spores look great. I will definatly be using you guys again in the future. Thanks again

Tony 7/10/14

My experience with you guys has been great the speed of delivery the high quality of your products the ease of mind knowing that i can track my packages you guys must come from heaven lol.

Andre 7/10/14

Thank you for the random grab! The shipping was quick and nicely packaged with tape over the seams. Cant wait to check these out under the microscope before the fall colors coming up.

J.P.J. 7/9/14

Great service, super fast shipping, products are excellent, and competitive prices, look forward to more business in the future.

Corey 7/7/14

Quality product, best viewing yet! Fast delivery and excellent customer service!! Answered my concerns very prompt and professional!!! With the experience I received here there is no more reason to hunt around. Thanks again.

M.D. 7/6/14

Great! fast shipping.. thx for the extra spores.

Adam 7/2/14

Wow! The shipping was super fast, I will definitely be using Lil' Shop of Spores again and would recommend it to everyone.

Tyler 7/1/14

Thank u so much! It's all worth the money!Thanks again!

Edward 6/30/14

Completely satisfied! No need to go anywhere else but here. Thanks y'all, I really appreciate it.

Ant 6/29/14

You guys are always phenomenal, I am a dedicated purchaser from you. Always timely, gorgeous flushes. Never had a bum syringe yet. Thanks and keep up the good work, I have helped many feel the magic of these lovely spores. I also appreciate the free Mazatapec syringe. I couldn't be happier!

Robert 6/29/14

Overall spores came in great condition. Fair prices and timely delivery! A well run business.

John 6/28/14

I'm very happy with the product and prompt delivery. I will only be buying from you guys and no one else. Thanks,

Will 6/28/14

Very pleased thank you very much !!!!!

M.I. 6/27/14

Awesome reviews lead me this site, fast shipping ! An was even lucky enough to receive a freebie.

Luke 6/26/14

Nice job LSOS. My order was promptly shipped and arrived in good time. Also, I placed my order before they started running a free spore syringe special but they sent one anyway. I will definitely be back to add to my collection.

Harold 6/24/14

Psilocybe Spores are amazing under a microscope! Thanks for Everything LSoS, Great company to do business with!

N.M 6/24/14

100% satisfied, will be using you guys again when needed!

Nick 6/22/14

I want to thank you for shipping my order in a quick an timely manner. I did a dual order one with your shop and it seems I may never get my order, I always get an email with a runaround from sporeology. Again thank you for everything I'll be a returning customer.

Tricia 6/18/14

My shipping was fast and I received a hand written message on my receipt which was very nice. I use to prefer ralphsters for their larger selection but you guys have them beat by a mile when it comes to speed and ease.

Jarvis 6/18/14

I received my package promptly. Thanks!

Andrew 6/18/14

Thanks for the speedy delivery, and freebie! I will come back to LSoS for all my needs.

David 6/18/14

Very prompt service and cant wait to see those spores!

Shawn 6/17/14

Thank you for the wonderful viable spores. I want to say your spores are high quality and im very greatfull. Piece and love my friends.

Keith 6/16/14

Appreciate the fast and discreet shipment. The extra spore syringe was a wonderful surprise! The product is meeting my needs and I will certainly order again when the time comes.

Austin 6/15/14

Thanks alot! came fast and with extra syringe

Reed 6/14/14

As usual, easy browsing, easy ordering, fast shipping, quality products, and the surprise extra syringe only makes the whole process better! My 3rd order with you all, and already planning my next one. Keep the promo codes coming - they sure do help!

Kevin 6/13/14

You guys are awesome. Always super fast and I never have any problems. Place my order and forget about need to keep checking because I know you guys have it under control. Always nice specimen and make for some good viewing.

Justin 6/8/14

Great customer service, great deals and quality product. Thanks guys.

T.D. 6/5/14

I found my experience with you was great! You completed my order very quickly and your products are of great quality!

H.C. 6/1/14

WOW - I am very impressed with everything, the time of delivery and the quality of the spores.

I will for sure be purchasing from you guys in the future!

Also thank you for checking up on everything, You Guy Seriously Rock...Keep it up :)

Baker D. 5/31/14

Great service. Great price. Can't ask for much more.

Bryce 5/29/14

Excellent service! Fast & discrete. Thx for the freebies also.

L.M. 5/29/14

Fast delivery. Excellent syringes. Worth every penny.

Aaron 5/27/14

Got my spores. Your delivery speed was incredible! I will most definitely be a return customer and I will spread the word to all my fellow geeks!

B.F. 5/27/14

Super Fast Delivery!

James 5/27/14

Always the best. Only place I'll ever shop.

G.B. 5/26/14

Excellent service as always I will buy again.

Trudy 5/25/14

Super easy transaction, definitely my first stop for any future projects.

C.T. 5/25/14

Received the spores very quickly after placing order. Happy with the product that was sold.

DJ 5/24/14

It was quick fast and easy also thank you for the extra syringe!

Jonathan 5/21/14

Your service has always been great! I don't need to tell y'all, you know y'all are good. :)

David 5/18/14

Great selection, friendly service, fast shipping. What's not to love? Thanks!

J.K. 5/17/14

Highly recommend lilshop. Great product , fast shipping.

J.S. 5/16/14

My experience was beyond fantastic. Lil shop of spores delivered a premium product promptly at a price that doesn't break the bank. I will continue to use them for all of my mycological equipment purchases.

C.M. 5/9/14

I have always had a good experience shopping with LSOS. Your products are top quality. You are providing a great service. Thanks for being there.

B.B. 5/7/14

Excellent shipping service. thank - you for the bonus syringe, I am very pleased with your buisness so far.

Rick 5/4/14

Great stuff! Quick shipping and got extra :)

D. 5/3/14

This is my third order from LilShopofSpores. The customer service is by far the best from any other. They are professional and quick on shipping. Usually kind enough to throw a free one in. Products can't be matched. Waiting on Pe strain to get in stock and will make another order.

G.T. 4/30/14

You guys are awesome!!

L.Y. 4/28/14

This website is absolutely amazing. Everything about it is top notch, I ALWAYS get my packages in 1-3 days, sometimes I'll get an extra syringe for free, and the customer service is always VERY fast and helpful. I will never buy from any other site. Ever. THANK YOU!

S.W. 4/28/14

A+ experience, would definitely buy from again.

Z.N. 4/28/14

I was very pleased with my order. Everything came in great condition and very quickly! Top notch stuff. I know where I'll be shopping in the future! Thank you :)

L.V. 4/27/14

Excellent, excellent, excellent.

P.S. 4/27/14

Fast fast fast shipping even around a holiday! Good service.

RMG 4/27/14

You guys are awesome. Shipping is fast & all items are clean and sterile. Keep up the good work!

D.M. 4/26/14

I recently ordered some spores to look at, and when they arrived there was an extra syringe of a different kind. What good customer service! Not only were the ones that i ordered there in a timely fashion but there was an extra one with them. Thank you!

C. 4/25/14

You guys are quick and awesome. I was worried about mailing a money order but I had no problems at all! The items shipped so quick and arrived within just 2 days after my payment was received. Thanks for being freaking awesome!

Katrina 4/25/14

Best service ever. Super fast and superb packaging.

A.B. 4/24/14

Couldn't get any better anywhere else!!!

E.Y. 4/23/14

I was pleased to order from lil shop of spores I have ordered from microsporetech out of Las Vegas I believe in the past. and their was not many visible spores under the microscope I was disappointed .i was amazed to see the amount present in the lil shop of spores syringe .i will order from you guys again for my mycology needs In the future . It's worth the extra couple bucks for a good product this is the place that makes u feel like u got what u paid for. Thanks again!

B.H. 4/23/14

Billiant service as always. thanks

J.A. 4/22/14

Item arrived very quickly. Spores looked great. Very positive experience and I will definitely be ordering from you again. Thank you so much!

M.N. 4/21/14

Second time I have ordered with you guys and I am completely happy. Everything is sterile and as described. I have not had to contact customer service because the process of purchasing and receiving my goods has been seamless so far. Thanks for all you do!!!

J.D. 4/19/14

Thank you for the great service! I received my order in about 3 days and I couldn't have been more pleased! I will continue to order from Lil' Shop in the future.

M.B. 4/19/14

All 4 syringes are great ;) They've enhanced my studies of mycology greatly!

Thank you! A+++++

Tim 4/18/14

Lil shop of spores is great! Fast shipping and an extra bonus variety was a nice surprise. At my door in 4 days...Thanks!

C.T. 4/16/14

Great service and customer service. Received my spore sample fast and it also came with a free sample. Would order again and encourage others to do the same.

W.L. 4/13/14

Fast shipping, great service.

A.S. 4/11/14

You guys are super! Haven't tested the syringes yet but I'm pretty sure you're a sponsor of the Shroomery. That alone gives me 100% trust for you. Shipments came in a timely manner, thanks.

J.M. 4/7/14

Fast shipping! Great product! And customer service!

J.S. 4/7/14

After being dicked around by 3 other sub-par spore distributors I found lil shop of spores. I was happily surprised at the speed of delivery (granted my local RR driver is incompetent). My order was shipped the very next day! When I got my order I was thrilled by the hand written thank you on my receipt. My spores were TOP QUALITY! They even threw in an extra! After being dicked around by other companies I found my go to spore company with lil shop of spores! Thank you!!!!

S.B. 4/7/14

Very fast shipping, good packaging and product. It's worked well for my needs.

J.W. 4/3/14

Fast, dependable and at a good buy.what more do i need to say.

R.B. 4/1/14

Shipped as ordered and the free random syringe was awesome!

J.L. 3/29/14

Excellent spores and superb customer service. Thank you!

C.R. 3/26/14

LiL' Shop of spores has not ever disapointed me I am a return customer and I plan on doin buisness with them for years to come. My research has been enlightening and my experience with These spores has been "out of this world"! The Custemor service is second to none and the product is definitley legit. Plus I got a free syringe with my order... LiL shop of spores you guys are the best !!!

B.W. 3/23/14

Great fast shipping. Thanks guys n gals!

Z.R. 3/23/14

Excellent service with a smile! I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks

R.D. 3/21/14

This spore vendor is my favorite website to purchase spores. You guys ship fast and the
items get to my house fast. I've ordered from other vendors in the past and got bad spore
syringes, like leaking syringes, cracked syringes, etc.. The first order on here i've got
what I was looking for and everything is perfect. The prices are just 2-5 dollars more
than other vendors but it is definitely worth it. I will always purchase from this vendor.
All my 3 orders were perfect and had no contaminations and no bad things :)

R.S. 3/20/14

Everything about the product was great. there seems to be a lot of spores in your syringes
compared to other vendors i have tried. The extra PES Hawaiian syringe was a pleasant
surprise. You have a customer for life.

M.D. 3/19/14

I am always happy with you guys. Web site works well, the basics etc. Someone always hand
writes a "thank you" on my receipts, that makes me smile. And I appreciate the long time
support of a website I found about 9 years ago. Peace, and thanks.

D.V. 3/19/14

Always fast , always reliable. Spores are never damaged and I love the sales that lil
shop has. Thank you all. 

G.G. 3/19/14

Great service! Fast Shipping and a quality product. I will definitely be shopping here
again! :]

C.L. 3/17/14

Super fast shipping, great packaging, 100% productive product. Plus a freebie! I love
I'll' Shop of Spore.

Victoria 3/16/14

This was a great buy! Not only did I get what I had ordered, thy threw in an extra
syringe. Will be a return customer.

Ben 3/16/14

Great service! thank you so much guys, you have exceeded my expectations. You are my go to
resource and i will be sure to recommend you to fellow connoisseurs. Thanks again

Garrett 3/15/14

Your shipping is awesome fast, product is exactly as described.

D. 3/13/14

Excellent! magnificent spores! No more, no less, that is all.

N. 3/9/14

I'm very happy that I decided to do business with Little Shop of Spores! When you have a combination of quick deliveries, excellent quality spores and wonderful customer service how can you go wrong?

J.W. 3/8/14

I recieved my order lightning fast and it was well packaged and discreet.

J.B. 3/7/14

Great shipping came quick n great product so far thanks!

S. 3/5/14

I do not rush into reviewing a product without spending time with the product. With many other companies, like "Spores 101" you don't get what you pay for. I can say hands down "Lil' Shop Of Spores" is the best. Fast delivery, syringes are full of spores and of the correct strain. Thanks Lil' Shop of Spores". I can highly recommend you to anyone looking for a vender they can trust.

R.T. 3/2/14

Thank you for your prompt delivery.

S.D. 3/1/14

Got the Thailand trio and mexi so got a free orissa in all they where some of the best looking syringes I have got from anywhere.

T.M. 2/28/14

Recently purchased and 2 syringes of different strains (plus received an high quality free syringe in my shipment), and they look fantastic! The abundance of spores viewed under my microscope is impressive. As usual, package was received very quickly from the time the order was placed, and arrived in perfect condition. I'm truly a fan of you guys and will continue my amateur mycology hobby through your products. Thanks!

K.G. 2/18/14

Everything was great, I thank you so much and I especially thank you for doubling my order for free, that was unexpected! You have received a new customer for life!

M. 2/16/14

Your companies delivery process was quick which I highly respect. My research is still yet to be completely observed but there was no damage with the product or packaging and there was no trouble with payment process which I appreciate. Thanks for doing business with me. Your company is definitely legit for my work in the future.

J.P. 2/13/14

Lil shop of spores has never disappointed me. There delivery always come early. There spore selection is bar none and with the with there rewards points I earned I great discount. Thank you lil shop of spores, you never disappoint.

P. 2/13/14

Overall I am very happy with the service you provide. You guys do a great job and the only complaints (being a repeat customer) have been with the postal service. So thank you very much.

W.A. 2/12/14

Great service! Great product! Fast delivery!

B. 2/11/14

Thank you guys for throwing in an extra syringe . You guys rock . Thank you really . Thanks .

J.A. 2/11/14

Everything arrived on time and was packaged pretty good. I really appreciate the extra syringe! The only thing I recommend is having a broader variety of spore prints. If you get any more prints in id be happy to make a lot more purchases! Thank you, as always have a nice day!

J.B. 2/11/14

You guys rock. 5 stars!

W.M. 2/10/14

Got my order today.....I want to thank you a ton for the extra syringe you guys threw in with my Thailand Trio!!! 4 for $ guys rock!

D.H. 2/6/14

The service was awesome and quick and even included a second syringe free! Thanks for your awesome service.

D.W. 2/5/14

good good ty

J.A. 2/4/14

Yea it's been great! It was so awesome that y'all threw in a free panama spore syringe!

J.R. 2/1/14

Reliably great product, very fast shipping, a repeat customer that will return.

A.S. 1/20/14

As usual, you guys were fantastic. I have not yet had a chance to use the spores, but they arrived ina timely manner, and the bonus syringe was one that I had been wanting for a long time but was out of stock, so thanks a million!

J.L. 1/27/14

Thanks for all your service. I've never had anything but the best from little shop of spores. I love all the promo specials. Great shipping super fast. Best research spores around.

G.A. 1/26/14

The service was great from you to me in two days.

M.B. 1/26/14

Thank you for the prompt and discreet delivery.

C.T. 1/19/14

My order was a excellent. Seems to be very fresh and good quality spores.

M.S. 1/17/2014

Thank you fast shipping, great price, fast comp, slids look great. Thanks again happy customer.
P.S almost forgot i got a free syring too.

W.B. 1/11/14

I love the work you've done for all of society. Great viewing quick delivery.

M.D. 1/8/13

The response to my orders have been very prompt and the quality of the stock has been exemplary.

R.C. 1/8/13

Excellent all around. Arrived quickly. Received a freebie I wasn't even expecting.

Chris 1/5/13

Simply the best:)

Zero 1/2/14

thank you SO much! once again, very impressed and pleased with the speed of shipping + quality product! and a double thank you for the extra Mexicube syringe!! :) stay awesome

L.N. 12/31/13

The spores I purchased were excellent!

J.B. 12/29/13

Fantastic service! Delivered before the scheduled delivery w/ an extra spore syringe! I couldn't have asked for a better experience buying spores. I will post my review of your PESA spore syringes up on shroomery as well, along w/ my experience with lil shop of spores. Thank you very much! :)

K.E. 12/29/13

So far so good hopefully I get the results I am looking for in a few weeks ! Great cust. Service as far as I am concerned. Hope to do more business with you guys in the future.

A.M. 12/27/13

Great selection. Fast shipping. Professional in all ways.

S.A. 12/27/13

The shipping was extra fast and discreet, this is the very first time I have researched spores but with all of the info I collected online, the spore look wonderful. I will follow up when my research has moved along.

E. 12/26/13

You guys are the best !!! 5 stars :)

S. 12/23/13

Thank you for the awesome spores! Everything came quick and was exactly as described. I couldn't have ordered from a better vendor.

C. 12/22/13

Very satisfied with the speed of delivery, discreet package and quality spores. The extra syringe was a wonderful surprise too. Thank you! I will be ordering again!

M.C. 12/21/13

I have ordered from you before and I was greatly pleased with your service, I dont expect nothing but the best from your company. I just wanted to say thank you for your services.

D.F. 12/20/13

Lil Shop of Spores has ridiculously fast shipping 3 days to get across the country the product looks spectacular at 300x and $60.07 shipped for 6 syringe! Cant beat that!!

T.K. 12/20/13

I have been using you guys for a long time..before you I was ordering from You have always been a trusted and loved spore vendor by many. Your fast and efficient and always add extras to my orders. you guys are the best.

P.J. 12/17/13

Thanks fast shipping , extra syringe , very happy can't wait to start my reserch. Thanks again ill be back to buy more.

W.B. 12/16/13

Amazing service unbeatable price highest quality product available would love some discount codes if possible more discounts means I order a lot more often thanks again

P.A. 12/14/13

You guys rock..! awesome products.. super fast processing and shipping.. always having sales.. always having deal of the weeks.. always offering free syringes.. keep up the good work..!!! ill continue to use you for all my spore needs..!!

N. 12/14/13

Awesome thanks for the freebie too will be ordering again soon!

E.W. 12/14/13

I've always had positive experiences with lsos.anytime I had problems they were promptly taken care of! I love the variety and prompt shipping! Thanx for everything!

C.H. 12/10/13

Great experience.....recieved an extra spore syringe for free.

G.N. 12/10/13

Lil' Shop of Spores was satisfactory. I sent in cash and knew it would be a bit to receive my order and honestly though I felt it did take awhile, I am impatient :). My Order arrived about a week after it was received and one day was because of the post office (took three days instead of the two that was offered on USPS tracking). Lil' shop of spores e-mailed me confirmation of my order and once sent, sent tracking via USPS. Very professional, takes little effort, wish all vendor would do this. Packing was appropriate and a bonus syringe was included! I am very satisfied as a result, whatever delay was worth it for an entire other syringe. So I feel I got quite the discount for my wait (not sure is the bonus was just generosity or because of the delay). The delay wasn't much at all either, my order was sent on 11/27, likely arrived 11/29 to 11/30. It was sent the second business day after arrival! I am very satisfied as sending cash in the mail feels a bit risky. I am very satisfied 4.8/5.0.

R.C. 12/7/13

I ordered spores from Lil' Shop of Spores and had a great experience. When I originally received my spores the needle had broken off. I asked for a replacement and they immediately replaced it and I received it a few days later. This one was in perfect condition. I was satisfied with how the issue was resolved and will use Lil Shop of Spores in the future. Thank you.

J.F. 12/6/13

My experience was overall a great one, they shipped fast, came in like two days and I really appreciated the extra syringe!!! could visibly see clumps of spores and was very happy with my purchase. Ill be buying more soon!!!! any suggestions on a good strain? THanks again for the extra syringe and fast quality service!!!

D. 12/6/13

Very happy with your service! My order was correct and you guys hooked it up with the extra syringe as promised, which I am very happy about! Also, I received my package very fast(sooner than expected). I will definitely be ordering from little shop of spores in the future.

J.L. 12/3/13

Great service!

P.T. 11/30/13

I was very pleased with my order. I was impressed with how fast it came and especially happy when I found an extra surprise in my package! Now to see how they work but I have little doubts that they are good. I will definitely use you again in the future and recommend to others. Thank you !

D.L. 11/29/13

Really great products, nice touch with the freebie. Great hassle free shipping!

C.R. 11/26/13

I was very happy with my experience with you will have customer for life with. Would recommend you to anyone.

T. 11/20/13

I was extremely happy with my order. You have a lifetime customer with me. Keep up the great work!

M. 11/20/13

My order was handled with pride and care. My package was discreet and its contents were secure and in perfect condition upon arrival. Very satisfied. Looking forward to my studies

T.M. 11/18/13

This was my first order with your supply store and I was very satisfied with the service. Even though the purchase was not directly for me, I was surprised by the quick follow-up confirmation email and notification of shipment within one day with tracking number. Being primarily hobbyist/organic farmer, mushrooms have always interest me. I plan on future purchases to attempt my luck at growing edible and medicinal mushrooms, and you will certainly be my first choice for spores from the extensive selections of mushrooms in your inventory.

K.M. 11/17/13

You guys rock never a let down an always a pleasure to do biz with the best!

S.S. 11/17/13

Prompt confirmation and delivery. Excellent customer service!

T.P. 11/16/13

Fast and worth the price :)

D.U. 11/14/13

I got my spores syringes exactly a week ago and my stud of them so far is excellent , fast and clean I'm happy so far with the product I got I was skeptical at first because I didn't see many reviews but I will def be buying from you guys again.

S.A. 11/14/13

Thank you for the ultra quick shipping!

J.C. 11/12/13

Quick shipping and received my free spores as guaranteed! Very happy with lil shop of spores excellent service! Highly recommended!

C.M. 11/11/13

The items arrived quickly and in great condition, and there was an extra item included as well. It was great doing business.

R. 11/11/13

Very happy with Lil' Shop! Very reliable and professional! Thanks guys!

C.S. 11/8/13

Thank You! 5 Stars in every sense!

A.G. 11/5/13

Everything went well. Got my spores straight away. Thanks.

J.H. 11/4/13

I really liked the fast shipping.

S. 11/3/13

I received the order fast it has always been great with getting things from little shop everything is fast & u always get more than u order!

D. 11/3/13

Very fast and discrete service!

R.S. 11/1/13

So far you guys have been awesome! Shipping was super fast, but the extra sample really pushed your service over the top. I will definately use you for all future purchases as well as recommend you to friends. Thanks again!

C.B. 10/31/13

As always you guys rock! Fast shipping great samples.Perfect every time!

S.N. 10/29/13

Prompt service and secure tracked shipping along with quality spores plus a bonus made me quite satisfied with my purchase.

L.R. 10/28/13

Great product from a great company. Love the name, the variety, and professionalism involved in this web site as a whole. Will be a customer for life.

J.B. 10/28/13

I have been ordering from this spore site for a couple years. Your site always has the best customer service, the best quality product and the best deals. Lil Shop rocks.

T.D. 10/26/13

My experience shopping here was very good. The shipping duration was within my expectations, and I even received an extra sample.

P.W. 10/22/13

Nothing short of excellent in service and product. 2nd order placed here and the experience has been great.

B.F. 10/18/13

I am very pleased with my order. Shipping was fast and discrete.

A.S. 10/15/13

Thanks guys for the great products and incredibly fast delivery! My project is way ahead of schedule! The bonus item you sent was very cool! - A loyal customer to be! AAAA++++

C.S. 10/15/13

I've been using Lil Shop for years. Your service is always top notch! Many thanks!

E.M. 10/14/13

I love you guys at little shop of spores I started with you after seeing you sponsored at the Shroomery . I don't usually respond Any where after a purchase but I have to with y'all because every time I order I get treated like a friend or family due to the results from your products and to how you ship them all the way down to the results . I am glad to have LILL SHOP on my side because its fail safe . I am so proud of my self and what I have learned from start to finish and if I was given a award I would thank little shop of spores first . Thank you guys . Really Ty . Fair as fair can get with real deal old school ethnics .thank you for keeping it real I'm glad to return the favor.

J.A. 10/14/13

Let me start off by saying you guys freaking rock!!!! Awesome spore quality and very fair pricing. Shipping was unbelievably fast and I don't know if it was a fluke or not but you guys have me a free strain of the panama to try out. Couldn't be happier. Thank you do much for such a pleasant transaction. Lil shop of spores is the best!

J.W. 10/14/13

Completely satisfied with my purchase. Shipment arrived promptly and with discretion. Will order again. Thanks Lil' Shop!

R.O. 10/13/13

Love lil shop of spores!! Fast and easy delivery. Usually order on a Friday and receive my shipment on Wednesday. Spores are awesome!

N.D. 10/13/13

Very fast service. Ordered two and got a third. Nice bonus.

S.B. 10/11/13

These guys are just great I received my shipment in a week..I'll continue my future business with them and I really do recommend you try these guys out even if it's just once.They get things done.

M.C. 10/10/13

I was very impressed with how swiftly and professionally my order was processed, then delivered. I also greatly appreciate the free spore syringe added to my order. Thank you very much! I will definitely order from you again next time.

G.H. 10/8/13

Lightning fast delivery! I shall return!!

J.H. 10/6/13

Was good deliverd on time and everything thank u so much.

K.M. 10/6/13

You guys are always super fast with shipping and quality is always top notch. Thank you for your hard work!

D.W. 10/6/13

You guys are awesome. very fast and the free spore syringe is cool too. Ill definitely be coming to you guys for all of my mycology needs from here on out. Go Iowa!!!

J. 10/1/13

Excellent service Is what i received while placing my order. Also I received my order quickly and correctly that's what impressed me the most. Thank you for your services.

G.G. 10/1/13

Order arrived quickly and with a "gift." I'm very pleased with the shopping experience.

J.R. 10/1/13

Great service, great price, quick turn-around. what more can you ask for. :)

J.A. 9/29/13

My experience with lil shop of spores has been great from the moment I placed my order. Shipping was fast and the contents as expected, clean and sterile as always. They even threw in a freebie for good measure. Lil shop is a trusted vendor for a reason, keep up the great work!

P. 9/28/13

The delivery came right along as the tracking suggested it would with no problems, thanks!

A.C. 9/23/13

My order was processed, shipped and delivered expediently and properly. The product was exactly as described and of good quality. I also received an extra syringe of spores for microscopic study! I will be a repeat customer.

D.M. 9/21/13

I f'n love lil shop o spores y'all are the best had my order info right off the bat then shipped in next day, with a trackin # which meant a lot to me, and received 2 days later. Extremely pleased with service and product and will definitely use y'all again and highly recommend!!!

A.J. 9/21/13

My first experience in purchasing from you folks and I am very pleased! Got a great deal on the spores, shipping and of course the free random syringe of Koh Samui. Can't beat that! Service was incredibly quick and discreet. I look forward to buying from your company again for my Mycology needs. Keep up the great work!

T.A. 9/15/13

Never a bad experience. Always super fast. Love the freebies.

D. 9/14/13

Didnt ship out as early as i thought it was going too as i paid extra for 2 day priority but once it was shipped it arrived quite quickly overall I'm happy with my order and will be returning, thanks lilshopofspores!

A.F. 9/14/13

Wonderful quick order, came with a free syringe sample, thanks tons.

C.A. 9/11/13

Always on time and always in great condition , I always order from lil shop.

G.G. 9/10/13

I could not be more impressed with the outstanding customer service displayed by you guys. thank you so much and know that this guy is now a loyal life long customer.

M.E. 9/9/13

This is my second transaction with Lil Spores. Bought a 4 pack at great price and
received a 5th syringe

M.H. 9/6/13

Fantastic spores, super fast delivery and look amazing under the scope! Best spores around period.

J.B. 9/4/13

The spores came two days after ordering them and they looked great! awesome customer service and they even hooked me up with a free syringe! will definitely be being my business back to this lil shop!

S.W. 9/4/13

Excellent. ordered pf classic and received Burma free. thank you so much. lil shop of spores is my new source for spores.

A.M. 9/4/13

Your website is very well done and easy to navigate and find what I need. My order arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I am overall very happy with my experience. I will be a customer in the future. Thanks.

W.R. 9/3/13

The syringes were enclosed in a sturdy cardboard box. Shipping was very fast. The spores were very dark in 3 of the 4 syringes. Overall, I would purchase from this store again.

A. 9/3/13

Incredible service, fast and reliable! I will surely be doing business with lilshop again.

B. 9/3/13

Great Website and shipping was very fast. I will only click on lil shop of spores. Thanks

N.B. 8/30/13

It was great! Thanks guys. It was fast shipping but an error on my own part. Thanks for everything.

S.M. 8/29/13

The order arrived quick and discreet. I order 10 and recieved 2 differnt strains for free. Overall I was extremely satisfied with my purchase.

K. F. 8/26/13

So far so good. delivery and ordering were perfect.

R.K. 8/24/13

I am very very satisfied with the professionalism this company has to offer. I ran into a problem with my order partly my fault, and it got handled with respect and unmust urgency to correct the issue. I wish more companies had the devotion and dedication this company as shown me. Thank

J.S. 8/24/13

Great service & fast delivery. Good prices too! Would return as customer. Also recommend!

M.H. 8/20/13

Fast delivery and even included an extra syringe! Looking forward to doing business in the future, will recommend to all my friends!

S.L. 8/20/13

Thanks for the superb service! Delivery was timely and the spores are fantastic specimens. You very well may get more business from me. Keep doing what you do Lil' Shop of Spores.

P.L. 8/20/13

Fast and speedy delivery also had a few questions which were answered promptly. These guys know whats up thanks lil shop <3

J.S. 8/17/13

Fast Efficient Shipping! Plus received an extra spore syringe A+++++++

A.S. 8/17/13

Awesome experience! Sample was shipped QUICKLY and securely in a fantastic package. Very happy, will use you guys again! Please email me with discounts or sale items from the exotic or psilocybe catalog.

T.D. 8/15/13

Very satisfied. Very fast shipping with tracker code to know exactly when its comming. Very clean and proffessional packaging and labeling. Sringes are visibly loaded. My first time ordering spores and it was a very pleasent and easy experience. Will definitely be a returning customer and will start at "Lil shop of spores" for future spore collections. :)

K.M. 8/12/13

I am very happy with every thing, thank you so much!! I ordered 5 items twice and everything looks great! I am extreamly pleased, and thank you again!

M.S. 8/10/13

You guys so far have done a great job! But the spores match the strains so I know its labeled rite! Will keep you updated!

A.H. 8/9/13

Great service and quick shipping.My top vendor for mushroom supplies.

A.S. 8/9/13

Bought 3 types of spores and received one free, quick delivery and large supply of spores.

B.B. 8/7/13

You guys are the best! I will never buy from anyone else. I once had a question about the status of my order and you responded the next day. Also what I truly love is your free random grab syringes, that is seriously an awesome benefit to working with you and it doesn't go unappreciated. Thank you!!

A.R. 8/6/13

I am very happy with my shopping experiences at Lil'Shop. Fast delivery, great prices, excellent quality, and quick resolution of any minor questions and issue. Thanks and please keep up the good work!

J.S. 8/5/13

You guys fuckin rock. Speedy deliver with most healthy spores ;).

Q.K. 7/29/13

I love Lil' Shop Of spores!! The people are great, honest and reliable!! The service is great!! The products are top notch and with a diverse selection you are sure to find a beautiful sample to view!! I always come back to Lil' Shop, no need to do other wise ;)

S.S. 7/27/13

Excellent price, excellent shipping! Hoping for great results. Thanks!

Z.C. 7/25/13

This is my second order from you. Love the pick 4/5!!! First set of syringes was fantastic, can't wait to get into the second.

W.F. 7/23/13

Fast shipping, cheap purchase, and a reliable source as well! Will continue to shop from this site!

B.M. 7/20/13

Perfect spore samples every time. Quick and efficient shipping,wouldn't go anywhere else.

S.N. 7/19/13

Fucking Sweet!

B. 7/18/13

Wonderful service. Both quick and as expected.

T. 7/17/13

Great job just like allways.

A.B. 7/16/13

Great, reliable!

S.B. 7/15/13

Hey i love you im so happy with you.

C.L. 7/14/13

Such a large variety of strains to choose from. Mine arrived quickly and the customer service was more than I could have asked for.

M.H. 7/11/13

I'm downright satisfied. I got the package like 2 days after placing he order! I will be a returning customer because you are an honest good business.

D. 7/8/13

Fast,reliable, over all excellent customer service! I would recommend this web site to anyone, Not to mention that you guys went out of your way to keep a customer satisfied, thank you!!!

C.O. 7/5/13

Couldn't be more satisfied, you guys are by far the best spore supplier on the market. Thanks again for the free syringes!

K.R. 7/2/13

Excellent shipping and customer service. Legit spores, don't know how to describe how happy I with this site.

A.B. 6/29/13

I am very happy with my orders. Spores were great. Thanks for the free random grab.

G.S. 6/27/13

Excellent, prompt shipping. I can see a great number of spores under the scope and have, to this point, nothing but good things to say about your organization. Excellent. These guys even sent me an extra syringe. I assume because I am a new customer, but either way, the speedy delivery and extra syringe has ensured my repeat business. Thanks again guys!!

J. 6/27/13

Excellent! Thank you for quality spore syringes, and thanks for throwing in a free one too. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

J.H. 6/22/13

I love all your products, great customer service, keeps me coming back every time.

A.G. 6/21/13

Everything was amazing!

K.W. 6/20/13

Some of the best cubisis spore samples ive ever studied. I even turned a few friends into mycolgist in the past month thanks guys.

T.G. 6/17/13

You guys are great! Fast shipping and excellent product!

D.W. 6/17/13

i received my spores & i gotta say they look amazing! i can literally see them floating around, I know they're good ones... got them extremely fast after they shipped as well, i'm so happy!! i'd recommend lil shop of spores to everyone. keep up the good work.

J.N. 6/14/13

Nice fast shipping,will recommend to all my friends.

X.C. 6/14/13

Rapid delivery product was in good shape. Totally pleased.

J.B. 6/14/13

Wow! Shipped the day after I ordered, and received the spores within days of that! Answered all my emails with complete explanations! Great company!

D.L. 6/10/13

Very satisfied customer. shipping time was quick and exactly what i ordered

B.C. 6/10/13

Once again your service was incredible the shipment was within a few days which was great ! Also the FREE Pink B. which was really an awesome surprise. Ive already recommended your site on forums I visit. Best of luck to your business. I will definitely buy again.

R.V. 6/8/13

I just recently purchased the shaman package of 5 different spore syringes and I've gotta say that so far they're incredible! I received an extra one for free, along with instructions for viewing and storing. I'm a customer for life, thanks Lil shop you're awesome!

Z.F. 6/5/13


B. 6/4/13

You guys rock! Bought two and got a third free! The spores are obviously fresh and viable. Won't buy from the other vendors again as long as you guys are up and running! Thanks for everything.

S. 6/4/13

My experience with Lil' Shop of Spores was absolutely fantastic. I ordered on a holiday weekend and my order was promptly shipped and received before the end of the business week. Absolutely professional service and THANK YOU for the extra spore syringe - a great surprise! You've certainly got my business and recommendations from here on out. Thanks again!

A.M. 6/4/13

Fast, Discreet, simple, effective neat little package spores amazing!

J.M. 6/3/13

Fast shipping and very sterile syringes. Customer service is great, they were very helpful w/ any questions and responded quick. Definitely recommended!

N.C. 6/3/13

Shipping was fast and there were many spores for my microscopic viewing. Overall i was very pleased thankyou!

M.C. 5/31/13

Amazingly fast service and no hassles. Great website and descriptions. :)

C.T. 5/28/13

Great biz only place i order from anymore!

R.B. 5/25/13

You guys are the greatest. My orders are shipped fast and the quality is outstanding. I will be a lifelong customer thank you.

C.M. 5/25/13

You guys were great...I ordered two syringes a golden teacher and b+ and had no idea about your free grab bag deal with 20 I was more than delighted when I saw the extra syringe of Malabar. .which btw great pick because it was a toss up between b+ and Malabar before I I don't have to choose! The package was delivered quick and on time with excellent order tracking and safe packaging. I cant wait to " research" these beauties. You have most definitely gained a customer for life! Thanks again!

S.G. 5/25/13

Been here for 2 years. Shipments are fast. Representative is quick and caring.

A. 5/23/13

Shipping was fast and the syringes were sterile, i will order again.

J. 5/23/13

Two Thumbs Up,:)!

C.W. 5/22/13

I've ordered from Lil' Shop of Spores twice. The shipping is fast, the spore syringes are contaminant-free, and the spores are high-quality.

D. 5/21/13

Can't wait to try them out, quick service too.

D.J. 5/20/13

Super fast shipping and easy ordering!

R.B. 5/20/13

Excellent quality. Fast shipping!

E.M. 5/16/13

Very great experience

J.K. 5/16/13

I am very very pleased ! Definitely going to repeat and buy more.

R.V. 5/13/13

I love this site! For the past year and a half I've only shopped here, great selection, super sterile equipment, and plus you guys drew a panda in my receipt like I asked!!! You guys rock!!!

S.A. 5/9/13

I thoroughly enjoyed placing my order it quick easy detailed and I received my order in exactly one week. ordered Monday received Friday don't change a thing.

R.T. 5/9/13

Great service. Super prompt shipping! There was a hiccup with USPS which caused our package to arrive one day later but that isnt really anything new with them, HA. Thanks again!

M.R. 5/8/13

Great experience! Fast reply to order, quick shipping, great customer service. Would loved to be notified when Peru, Aussie, and/or China Dancing Tiger spores are in stock. All your help is greatly appreciated!

M.A. 5/7/13

I want to thank you for providing a good, honest affordable product. I've tried other vendors in the past but something about 'Lil Shop keeps me coming back. I now deal with you exclusively.

Businesses like yours are providing a great and important service to the community. I want you to feel good about what you do

B.B. 5/6/13

I received them within a week of purchasing them and also was given this strain as an extra to study. The customer service is incredible and the product speaks for itself. Thank you guys!!!

S.C. 12/12/12

Excellent service! Quick shipper, good product, and the August extra syringe was a pleasant surprise!

H.H. 8/29/12

I most definately give lil' shop of spores a 5 star review. I ordered one Golden Teacher Spore Syring, it arrived the day after it was shipped, and to my suprise there were 2 spore syringes in the package. A+ Spore Supplier, highly recommended.

J.J. 4/12/11

Cant go wrong here....LOVE THE STICKER GUYS!!!!! LILSHOP RULES!

T.N. 10/27/06

Just wanted to say lil shop of spores is awesome and anyone who is looking for a good reliable place to order spore samples from should but them from lil shop. i have ordered from several spore vendors and this place has always treated me the best. spore syringes always have visible clumps of spores, none of that clear syringe crap like i have gotten in the past. top notch vendor :thumbup:

S.H.J. 12/10/04

Lil' Shop of Spores