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What is the best way to view my spores with a microscope?
Microscopy spores are best viewed at 400X or greater magnification. Place a small amount of dried spores into a small amount of water and then place a small drop of the resulting solution on a glass slide and cover with a slip cover. Excess water can be absorbed with the corner of a paper towel to prevent the slip cover from floating. Pre-made spore solutions in the syringe kit w/ applicator can be conveniently applied directly onto the slide.

What will my credit card statement say?
Your credit card statement will say RVFG Supply as our merchant name.

Can I Pay For My Spores With BitCoins?
Yes, Lil' Shop of Spores now accepts BitCoins as a method of payment. Please Click Here for info on how to pay with BitCoins.

How long will my order take?
Orders are shipped out generally within 1 business day. We use Priority US mail for the shipping as it takes 2-3 days to anywhere in the continental US, so most orders are generally received by the customer within 5 days from the date of order. Mail in orders average 4-5 days longer. If you haven't gotten your order within 2 weeks please email customer service.

What does your packaging look like?
Syringes are shipped in USPS priority boxes or plain white shipping boxes that are about 9"x5"x2". Spore prints are shipped in a 4"x10" priority envelope or plain white envelope depending on the shipping option chosen.

Where do you get your spores?
We get all of our exotic and Psilocybe spores from an exclusive supplier located in Europe in a country without such draconian laws concerning the cultivation of these species.

How do I grow these spores into mushrooms?
Please do not inquire about the cultivation of any Psilocybe or exotic spore strains as these are intended for educational and microscopy use only! References to cultivation will cause us to refuse you service so don't ask!

How can these spores be legal in the US when the mushrooms they come from are illegal in the US?
The mushrooms these spores come from are not specifically outlawed. It's the drugs Psilocybin and Psilocin within them that are scheduled drugs within the US. The spores, being microscopic in size, contain none of these illegal compounds making them legal to possess in all but a few states in the US.

My order was returned for "whatever reason", can I get it shipped again?
Click here to have a returned order reshipped.

Lil' Shop Contact Info:
RVF, PO Box 32, Sherrill, IA 52073


You must be 18 years or older to order from this website. By purchasing from this website you confirm that you have read and agree to our disclaimer and privacy policy. We do not ship spores to California, Georgia, or Idaho. All psilocybe spores sold on this website are for identificaton, educational and novelty purposes only. Cultivation of some of these mushroom spores may be illegal where you live. Please be aware of your local laws and restrictions.