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Lil' Shop of Spores Accepts BitCoins

You can now pay for your order at Lil' Shop of Spores with BitCoins. We do not yet have a totally integrated system for this so for now this is how it goes.

Use the shopping cart to choose your items and go to checkout. Under payment type, choose mail in order, just under that there is a special instructions box.....just type that you will pay with BitCoins and submit your order.

You can then transfer the order total to our wallet #1JoxkWkiUwcdbtZRQfeVnfP43zhAU4UnXb

Please reference your Lil' Shop Order # with your bitcoin payment or send us an email that you paid for order #?

Once your coins have been recieved in our wallet your order will ship.

If you want you don't have to finish the order in the cart...just use the cart to get the order total with any coupon codes, shipping etc and then send a message along with your bitcoin payment of the items you want and your shipping info.

Any questions can be emailed to


You must be 18 years or older to order from this website. By purchasing from this website you confirm that you have read and agree to our disclaimer and privacy policy. We do not ship spores to California, Georgia, or Idaho. All psilocybe spores sold on this website are for identificaton, educational and novelty purposes only. Cultivation of some of these mushroom spores may be illegal where you live. Please be aware of your local laws and restrictions.