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Earn $$ with our affiliate program!

12/8/2023 @ 8:19am

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1. Competitive Commission: Enjoy a flat 10% commission on every successful sale. We believe in rewarding our affiliates generously for their efforts.

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4. Transparent Tracking: Stay in the loop with real-time tracking and analytics through our user-friendly affiliate dashboard. Monitor your clicks, conversions, and commissions effortlessly.

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How It Works:

1. Sign Up: Joining is easy and free! Fill out our straightforward registration form to kickstart your affiliate journey.

2. Receive Your Unique Link: Upon approval, you'll receive a personalized affiliate link. This link is your key to earning commissions, so share it across your channels.

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Affiliate Registration

Join us in spreading the word and sharing the benefits. Let's grow together and make every sale count!


Lil Shop Customer Service

3/21/2024 @ 11:51am

    For the fastest response please email or dm us on instagram @lilshopofspores2.0.

    Call or Txt: 563-581-7725


New Psilocybe cubensis Strains in Stock!!

4/25/2024 @ 9:07am

    We have added a few new strains to our Psilocybe cubensis collection lately.....some great new genetics for any spore enthusiast.  Check em out!

Psilocybe cubensis PE6 (Penis Envy)

Psilocybe cubensis Syzygy

Psilocybe cubensis Thailand Elephant Dung

Psilocybe cubensis Martinique


The Making of a Spore Syringe

9/7/2016 @ 9:13pm

Here at Lil' Shop we are very picky when it comes to the spore prints we use to make our high quality spore syringes.  Dark spores syringes require dark spore prints and these Peru cubensis prints are a great example.

Psilocybe cubensis spore prints ready to make syringes

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Fresh Dark Golden Teacher Spore Syringes

8/22/2016 @ 2:26pm

Super fresh and dark Golden Teacher spore syringes in stock!!

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