Psilocybe cubensis Gulf Coast Spores

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Psilocybe cubensis Gulf Coast Spores

This strain of cube is one of the best producing ones we have ever seen. Even the third flush produces very large massive mushrooms. It definitely benefits from cold-shocking. Without it, fruiting will be delayed and the casing may suffer from overlay. This strain is a very heavy spore depositor too. A must have strain!

Lil' Shop's spore syringes are 10 cc Air-tight syringes with a blunt-tipped applicator needle. Spore prints are prepared on heavy-duty foil. They are professionally packaged, individually sealed in a sterile, zip-close poly-bag with the proper labeling.  All spore products are prepared in the most sterile way possible and are 100% guaranteed to be free from contaminates.



  Friday, July 17 2020 at 11:12 AM MDT
Author: Rodney
Always a pleasure sharing and spreading the experience thank you for the beautiful spores. Spread Peace and Mycelium!!!


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