Lions Mane (Hericium erinaceus)

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Environment Information
Incubation Temp: 70-75° F
Incubation Humidity: 82%-85%
Incubation Time: 10 Days
Fruiting Temp: 50-75° F
Fruiting Humidity: 90%-93%
Fruiting Time: 14 Days
Cultivation Level: Easy
Sustrate: Wood, Sawdust, Logs

  The Lion's Mane mushroom has long been treasured in Japan and China, both as a culinary delicacy and as an important medicinal mushroom. As a highly prized medicinal mushroom Japanese scientists have studied the Lion's Mane mushroom and have confirmed many diverse and important biological activities. It is a choice edible mushroom when young, and the texture of the cooked mushroom is often compared to seafood. When mature, the mushroom grows a “beard” - hence the name, but is not as flavourful as when it is young.

The Gourmet category features high quality, live, liquid culture suspensions (not spores), in 10 ml. luer-lok syringes. Syringes are shipped capped with a separate sterile 18g syringe needle, and can be stored for several months in a cool location.


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