White Button (Agaricus bisporus)

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White Button (Agaricus bisporus)


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  Friday, June 02 2023 at 01:25 PM MDT
Author: Tim

While I have not even begun to try and germinate this mushroom. I can rest assured unless I did something wrong this will be a fantastic product. Lil House of Spores wastes no time getting the items I've ordered out to shipping. Any delays are on the USPS side. Due to the weather issues where I live, I always choose the fastest USPS route. One time if it were not for Sunday, I'd have received it in three days! What a great company I found. Ironically, it is because they received a negative review that made me check them out. Now I know it had to of come from a biased source. Keep it up Lil' House!



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