Yellow Morel (Morchella esculenta)

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Cultivation Level :  -  Difficult
Substrates :  -  Wood/Sawdust/Compost
Temps : Colonizing/Fruiting  - 


The yellow morels of North America have ridges that do not darken with maturity, and caps that are (usually) tightly attached to the stem, without forming a substantial "rim" at the point of attachment. Deliciosa Morels, with their pointed caps and sparse, vertically arranged ridges, are one group of yellow morels; the "Classic Yellow Morels" form the other group, in which the caps are larger and (usually) rounder, and the ridges are randomly arranged and densely packed. Classic yellows are found across the continent, in a wide variety of habitats. These are a more difficult mushroom to produce and require outdoor beds for any degree of success.


The Gourmet category features high quality, live, liquid culture suspensions (not spores), in 10 ml. luer-lok syringes. Syringes are shipped capped with a separate sterile 16g syringe needle, and can be stored for several months in a cool location.


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